Three men from Burton have been found guilty of murdering a 29-year-old warehouse worker who was attacked and left for dead in the street outside his home. 

At Stafford Crown Court, the jury returned the unanimous verdicts on Bartosz Ojeda Rodriguez, 35, and Stanislaw Czyz, 29, and his 31-year-old brother, Andrzej Pawel Czyz.

Judge Michael Chambers gave the jury a majority verdict direction in the cases of two other defendants, Piotr Miezal, 33, and 29-year-old Bartlomiej Bilas.

All five men were said to have been involved in the killing of Tomasz Bachta in what was described as a “brutal and cold-blooded attack” in July last year. 

The defendants all denied being responsible for the death of Mr Bachta. Mr Bachta was attacked by a gang of masked men and left to bleed to death. Witnesses described a “ferocious assault” on Mr Bachta; attackers were said to have been waiting for Mr Bachta as he returned home from work. 

It has been suggested that the motive for the attack was revenge, three of the defendants had been assaulted by several men, including Mr Bachta, two days before the fatal incident. 

The prosecution has maintained that the five defendants were involved in the killing and all had a role to play, either as a look out or driver or were directly involved in the violent attack. Evidence pieced together by police, including CCTV footage, vehicle resignation, finger prints, DNA, cell site and mobile phone traffic between the defendants – has been heard by the jury. 

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David Mason prosecuted in this case, please click here to view David Mason QC’s Crime profile