Who Can Instruct Us

Our extensive experience includes instructions in all types of work from various legal professionals, from solicitors to barristers to licensed conveyancers.

Recent changes to the law have also enabled us to take on an increasing level of work from companies, businesses and members of the public who may now take advantage of our services via Direct Public Access.

Chambers hourly rates range from £75 per hour to £750 per hour dependent on the area of law and experience of Counsel instructed. Chambers undertakes Conditional Fee Agreement work where appropriate, deferred and periodic payments where agreed in advance, fixed fees, contract fees including block contracts and retainers.

Chambers readily accepts licensed access and public access in accordance with Bar Council Regulations.

Full details about our fees are available on request from the relevant Practice Group Director or our Chief Executive and Director of Clerking, Tony McDaid.

If for any reason you are not happy with the service provided by No5 Chambers please email tonym@no5.com

View our complaints procedure.