Terms of Business

No5 Chambers and its barrister members provide this information in accordance with their obligations under the Provision of Services Regulations 2009. It includes important information as to its terms of business which will take effect from 31st January 2013. 

Our Regulator

Members of Chambers are individual self-employed barristers each of whom is regulated by the Bar Standards Board.  The BSB website includes the Code of Conduct which regulates the professional behaviour and standards of all barristers. Individual members of Chambers are all members of the Bar Council of England and Wales, an organisation which provides representation, support and services for barristers.  All our members can be found on the BSB Barristers' Register.

Main Features of our Barristers’ Services and the Price
1.     Standard terms with solicitors and other authorised persons
Our standard published terms of business are the contractual terms of business set out in Annexe T to the Code of Conduct.  These new terms can be found here.
We are seeking to agree generic terms of business with firms of solicitors for whom we regularly provide services.  It is a breach of the Code of Conduct for a barrister to refuse to accept instructions to be undertaken in accordance with our published standard terms of business (i.e. the terms to be found at Annexe T or our other standard terms below). 
Personal injury/clinical negligence
Where a standard CFA trade agreement exists between APIL (the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) and PIBA (Personal Injury Bar Association) in personal injury cases, then the latest agreement will generally govern the relationship between barrister and solicitor. See here.
Non-personal injury CFAs
We will use the Chancery Bar Association CFA agreement from time to time (in non-personal injury/clinical negligence proceedings).  
Public funding
Where services are provided under a public funding certificate or other statutory arrangement then the standard contractual terms 2012 will not apply.  The relevant statutory provisions will govern the relationship between barristers and their instructing solicitors.  
2.    Standard terms with other clients
Public Access and Licensed Access
If you are not a solicitor or other "authorised” person (i.e. one regulated by the Law Society or SRA), then Chambers’ default position is that the barrister will provide services to you either under our standard Public Access agreement (if you are a member of the public) or under the standard Licensed Access agreements (which apply to members of professional bodies such as the Royal Town and Country Planning Association and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors).

You will find our standard public access agreement here