Equality and Diversity


1. No5 Chambers is committed to advancing equality, diversity and inclusion both within Chambers and more generally at the Bar. We aim to provide a working environment and culture which values and recognises difference and tackles discrimination pro-actively in order to ensure that no individual or group is discriminated against.

2. No5 Chambers aims to ensure that equal opportunities are provided to all individuals working within Chambers be they members of Chambers, pupils, mini-pupils and/or employees. This means that all individuals working within Chambers will be afforded equal opportunities regardless of –

a) Age
b) Disability
c) Gender reassignment, identity or expression
d) Marital or civil partnership status
e) Political persuasion
f) Pregnancy and parental leave
g) Race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origin
h) Religion or belief
i) Sex or gender
j) Sexual orientation
k) Social background

3. No5 Chambers engages in equality monitoring, as required by the BSB.

4. Individuals within Chambers are expected to ensure that they do not personally discriminate. Claims for discrimination and harassment can be brought against individuals. We must therefore all ensure that we do not improperly discriminate or assist others in doing so.

5. Individuals within Chambers are encouraged to carry out Equality and Diversity training, which will be offered from time to time. Undertaking such training is expected of those appointed to the Management Committee.


6. This policy will be available on the Chambers’ intranet and website.


7. The applicability and compliance with this Policy is of particular importance in the following scenarios –

a) In the recruitment of individuals within Chambers, including the terms upon which offers are made. Chambers will ensure that those involved in recruitment and selection complete training in fair recruitment and selection processes;

b) When offering opportunities for promotion, transfer, training and/or career development;

c) In the application of Chambers’ Staff Handbook and specific policies that aim to secure equality and diversity within Chambers; namely –

  1. Fair Allocation of Work Policy
  2. Respect
  3. Parental Leave and Flexible Working Policy
  4. Reasonable Adjustments Policy
  5. Wellbeing

Equality and Diversity Officer

8. No5 Chambers has an Equality and Diversity Officer, who is currently Yasmin Yasseri.


9. All individuals within Chambers are required to comply with this Policy. Failure to do so will result in the implementation of disciplinary procedures.

10. If an individual within Chambers believes that this Policy or any of Chambers’ specific policies has been breached, that individual should –

  1. If appropriate, speak to the person involved directly and ask them to stop;
  2. Raise it with a Counsellor and/or the Co-ordinator(s) under Chambers’ Respect Policy;
  3. Raise it with Chambers’ Equality and Diversity Officer; and/or
  4. Otherwise contact the Head of Chambers who will investigate and take appropriate action, including disciplinary if necessary, in accordance with Chambers’ constitution.

Reviewing this policy statement and its effectiveness 

11. Chambers’ Equality and Diversity Officer is responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of this policy and its implementation. This policy, and its operation, will be reviewed annually.

If you have any questions or queries about this data please contact Sandra Astbury, the No5 Barristers' Chambers Office Manager, [email protected]

9 March 2020