No5 Barristers' Chambers will offer six 12-month pupillages to begin in October 2021.

Pupils are usually based either in Birmingham or London, subject to Chambers’ business requirements, and Chambers endeavours to match the successful candidates’ geographical preferences where possible, although this cannot be guaranteed.

A considerable investment is made in Chambers’ pupils and pupillages are offered with a view to tenancy, providing appropriate benchmark requirements are met. Throughout the 12-month period, pupils are carefully monitored by the Pupillage Committee to ensure that they are progressing appropriately and that all their training needs are being met.

Pupils can expect their workload during the second six months to be varied and challenging.

Level of Award

An award of 25,000 is made during the first six months of a pupillage, No5 guarantees billings of at least 25,000 during the second six months and funds all compulsory training courses during pupillage. In addition, loans are available if required and bursaries or advances for the BPTC year will also be considered at Chambers’ discretion


Written applications will be assessed in accordance with the following criteria:-

  1. Intellectual ability. The general academic requirement for pupils is AAB at A-Level (excluding General Studies) or equivalent at International Baccalaureate Level, together with 2:1 at degree level. Chambers will consider appropriate alternative qualifications and/or applications from those with mitigating circumstances. 
  2. Experience of law in practice (taking account of age and background).
  3. Commitment/motivation.
  4. Personal skills.
  5. Public speaking experience (e.g. debating, mooting etc.).
  6. Presentation of a written application (organised and persuasive thought and good grammar and spelling), together with a demonstrated ability to answer the questions asked.

Application Procedure

Chambers operates outside of the Pupillage Gateway and applications can only be made by completing the application form.

Chambers usually has two rounds of interviews, with a short assessed mini-pupillage for candidates being called to the second round.  

Chambers accepts applications from those who have not yet undertaken the BPTC.

Chambers is an equal opportunities employer and will endeavour to accommodate any requests for special requirements.


Please note all interviews are held in Birmingham. No5 does not cover candidate’s expenses for traveling to the interviews and does not offer telephone or Skype interviews.