Public Access

No5 Barristers’ Chambers houses over 140 registered public access barristers who can assist with advice, drafting and representation.

Depending on your circumstances we can help you find the right barrister at a price to suit your budget and level of enquiry.

How do I instruct a barrister?

Instructing a barrister direct is simple and easy. Fill in the contact form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

What is the advantage of coming to No5 direct to instruct a barrister?

Public Access is an efficient and cost-effective way of obtaining legal advice/representation. By instructing us directly it enables you to obtain first-hand advice from a barrister which could result in a quicker resolution thus reducing your overall legal spend. Our work is charged either on a fixed fee basis or an hourly rate. You will be provided with a letter of engagement containing a note of the fees to be charged and only when agreed will our fees become payable. It is Chambers' policy that fees are paid prior to the barrister carrying out any specified piece of work.

What are the advantages of instructing a barrister direct? 

Cost and efficiency. When both solicitors and barristers are involved this can increase the costs. Many problems can be dealt with a barrister direct and early advice generally produces a quicker resolution. We can advise you on the most cost-effective way to handle your problem

Is my case suitable for direct access? 

If we assess that your case is not suitable for public access we will inform you as quickly as possible and if required we can help you find a suitable solicitor.

What will my role be if the case is direct access?

You will be treated by the court as a Litigant in Person even when instructing a barrister direct so you will carry out certain tasks which a solicitor would otherwise do. This would include preparing the papers that Counsel will need. You will also have to prepare instructions which are a synopsis of your case, a chronology or timeline of events and exactly what you are asking the barrister to do. Thereafter you would be told exactly what you have to do and be given draft letters and advice by your barrister.

Do I enter into a contract with the barrister?

Yes. Once fees have been agreed you will receive a contract signed by Counsel which will be in the form of a Client Care Letter. You will be required to sign to confirm agreement to the terms. It is important that you read this contract carefully.

When do I have to pay the barrister?

For every item of work or attendance at a hearing, the fees are paid in advance in line with the client care letter.

Public Access Guidance

Read the Bar Standards Board's Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients which explains how the Public Access scheme works, and shows members of the public ("lay clients") how they can use it to instruct barristers directly.

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