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Private and Public Law children work, acting for guardians, parents and local authorities.
Timothy Hanson is a member of the Editorial Board of the Jersey Law Review and a contributor to various publications.
- Jersey Law Review: “Justice in Our Time: The Problem of Legislative Inaction” (2002), “Civil Appeals to the Court of Appeal and all that Jazz” (2003), “No Legal System is an Island, Entire of Itself” (2004), “The Jersey Law of Contract: A Question of Identity?” (February, 2005)
- Business Brief: “Legal Wonderland” (2002), “The Long Reach of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973: How Safe is your Trust?” (2004)
- Current Law: various, including “Medical Negligence” (2005)
- Family Law: “Ancillary Relief in the Channel Islands.” (January 2005)
Married and resides Jersey
Notable Cases
Re: H
(Residence Order: Child’s Application for Leave) [2000] 1 FLR 780 (High Court) – a novel point upon the interpretation of the Children Act 1989 relating to the ability of a child to be represented and participate in proceedings fought out by that child’s family. This case further resolved previous conflicting decisions of the High Court
Re: R
(Care Proceedings: Disclosure) [2000] 2 FLR 751 (High Court) – concerned the disclosure of documents by Local Authorities
Re: C
(Secure Accommodation Order: Representation) [2001] EWCA Civ 458, [2001] 2 FLR 169 (Court of Appeal) – this remains the leading English case as to the rights of children in applications by local authorities to place them in secure accommodation
Wheatley v Wheatley
Divorce and ancillary relief, [1999] BPIR 431 (High Court) – concerned the exceptional use of bankruptcy orders to enforce awards made in divorce proceedings
Distinction Caen University
Pegasus Scholar 1993