Robert Smallwood

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Robert practices exclusively in the fields of Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence, acting for Claimants and Defendants on an approximate equal basis.
Robert’s caseload is almost exclusively in cases worth more than 250,000 or those with complex liability and causation issues.
Over the past 12 months he has acted in cases involving:
- Serious brain injury
- Serious spinal injury
- Concussive injury sustained in sport
- Limb paralysis
- Limb amputation
- Disabling Pain Disorders
- Fatal Accident claims with complex dependency issues
- Vicarious liability for physical and/or sexual abuse
- Cases involving complex quantum issues and/or the need for forensic accountancy evidence
- Cases involving a loss of chance
- Clinical Negligence
- Fraud
- Robert also lectures to solicitors and insurance clients on all aspects of personal injury litigation and recent developments with a particular emphasis on quantum issues
‘He is very good with clients and has strong technical knowledge.’
Legal 500 2017
‘Has a crystal clear understanding of brain injury matters and is a first-choice junior’
Legal 500 2016
‘Meticulous in his paperwork, and very good on his feet’
Legal 500 2015
‘Very effective and good on detail’
Legal 500 2014
‘Thorough, determined, and incredibly bright’ ‘excellent on his feet and in conference’
Legal 500 2013
Notable Cases
H - RTA. Tetraplegic with significant brain injury. Defendant arguing ‘Act of God’. GBP 9.4M settlement.
F - RTA. Brain injury with complex personality issues. GBP 5M settlement.
W - Tetraplegic with significant brain injury. Liability dispute. Estimated value GBP 10M+.
B - RTA. Brain injury after falling from bonnet of father’s car. Value GBP 2M+.
G - Brain injury. Case listed for 5 day liability trial and settled on 1st day. Value GBP 2M+.
C - Brain injury after falling from height at work. Liability in dispute. Estimated value GBP 5M+.
T - Brain injury. ‘Loss of edge’ in running family business. Estimated GBP 1M+.
L - Quadraplegic case. 5 day liability trial. GBP 2.5M settlement.
M - Quadraplegic case. Complex quantum issues. GBP3.9M settlement.
D - Tetraplegic case listed for 8 days on liability. Complex causation issues. Value estimated at GBP 5M.
W - Brain injury with complex personality disorder and capacity issues. Value GBP 3M +.
F - Brain injury with complex personality disorder. Value GBP 2M+.
S - Complete brachial plexus injury. GBP 1M settlement on full liability basis.
B - Complete brachial plexus injury with severe CRPS. Value GBP 1M+.
R - CRPS. Value GBP 1M+.
T - Pain disorder arising out of road traffic accident. GBP 750,000 settlement at JSM.
N - Brain injury. Value GBP 4M
L - Brain injury. Liability in dispute. Value GBP 3M+
F - Brain injury. Value GBP 2M+
H - Orthopaedic injury and pain disorder. Potential value GBP 1M+. Several ongoing Pain Disorder cases valued between GBP 500,000 to GBP 1M
D - Loss of chance claim pleaded in excess of GBP 800,000. Settled at JSM GBP 150,000.
H - Brain injury at work. Case listed for 7 day trial. C discontinued in the week before trial.
B - Head injury claim pleaded in excess of GBP 200,000. Liability admitted. Judgment: GBP 2,000.
A - Construction site accident. Pleaded in excess of GBP 200,000. Case dismissed after 4 day trial.
T - Trial listed for 7 days. Liability and fraud in issue. Claim pleaded at GBP 400,000. Parties’ costs estimated at GBP 1M. Claimant discontinued on the 4th day of trial.
S - Liability admitted. Claim pleaded in excess of GBP 400,000. Awarded GBP 16,000.
F - Liability admitted. Claim pleaded at GBP 400,000+. 4 day trial with 6 medical experts. Claimant awarded GBP 3,000 and ordered to pay D’s costs from a 2 year period prior to the Defendant’s first part 36 offer.
M - Claimant attempting to extend scope of vicariously liability in respect of an assault by a security guard. Listed for 3 days. Claim dismissed.
LLB (Hons)