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Graham arrived at the Birmingham Bar after over 20 years practising from London.
Graham has a longstanding practice of defence work in major criminal cases of all types. He has conducted numerous cases as a leading junior. He has also prosecuted for the Fraud Investigation Group.
Notable Cases
R -v- Carpenter
Defended Trading Standards case involving counterfeit goods. Following analysis of documents by Forensic accountants the Prosecution offered no evidence.
R -v- Wright
Leading Junior, defendant charged with attempted murder where a fast food delivery man was stabbed in the forehead with a screwdriver
R -v- Milligan
Leading Junior, defendant charged with attempted murder where a disabled man was attacked by 4 men leaving him in a coma
R -v- Pudwell
Defended complex case where defendant was charged with grooming three schoolgirls. Expert evidence required concerning the email traffic and firewall logs.
R -v- R
Prosecuted Rape trial defendant claimed that he had relationship with complainant, also issues as to complainants character having worked part time in a massage parlour
R -v- Smith
Defendant charged with possession of firearm with intent. Defendant part of a gang who exported drugs from Wolverhampton to Aberdeen
R -v- Cunningham
Defendant charged with rape. Issues with regards to the defendants fitness to plead, several psychiatric reports. Defendant was eventually given a hospital order with S41 restrictions
R -v- I
Defendant charged with kidnap and sexual assault, issues with regards to fitness to plead and mental state of the defendant at the time of the offence
R -v- Thandi
Led Junior in attempted murder case during Vaisakhi festivities in Birmingham when two gangs wearing ceremonial swords clashed
R -v- Sahnan -
Defended where five men were charged with importing counterfeit cigarettes up to a value of 5.8m. Complex issues with regards to Confiscation proceedings resulting in payment of almost 500K
R -v- Ahmed and Others (Operation Aldburn)
Leading Junior for Complex Casework Unit. Conflict between two muslim families which resulted in charges of attempted murder and firearm allegation which left one complainant disabled. Complex cultural issues and consideration given to the provisons under CJA 2003
R -v- McNabb
Defendant charged with kidnap and false imprisonment where 2 complainants were held for 10 hours whilst being threatened with a machete. Defendant was found not to be the main instigator and was acquitted of blackmail and robbery charges
R -v- R
Defence Junior on complex case where defendants were charged with serious sexual offences including rape and possession of indecent images. The defence called expert evidence and an abuse of process argument was held based on the principle set out in R v Grant [2005] 2Cr.App.R.28
R -v- M and F
Prosecuted child cruelty case, issues with regards to non-accidental injuries and failure to seek appropriate medical evidence
R -v- Mulholland and Robinson
Trial prosecuted for the Complex Casework Unit involving the transfer of criminal property, complex issues with regards to schedules of banking and the transfer of funds between many bank accounts
R -v- W
Defended teacher charged with possession of indecent images. Expert evidence required with regards to access to the indecent images and non UK astronomy website hiding images.
R -v- Evans
Defending multi million pound fraud case involving almost 25k pages of prosecution evidence. Following the illness of a co-accused during the trial legal argument based on the principles set out in Connelly -v- DPP (1964) Ac 1254 concerning abuse of process and application to stay proceedings.
R -v- S
Defended evangelical preacher charged with rape issues concerning breach of trust
R -v- Parchment
Defendant charged with possession of a firearm concerning an armed robbery. Consideration of Cell site analysis and bad character concerning gang membership
R -v- A
Represented Solicitor charged with conspiracy to obtain passports by deception. Defendant was acquitted of all charges.
R -v- Middleton
Defendant charged with attempted murder, co-accused discharged a shotgun at the complainant. Both defendants were drug addicts. Expert evidence with regards to the ballistic evidence. There was always a threat of a cut-throat defence as co-accused wished for client to give evidence that she had been raped by the complainant.
Sander v The UK Government (2001) 31 EHRR 44; 8BHRC 279;[2000] Crim LR 767; Times, May 12 2000
probably the most important decision on racial prejudice in our trial process that there has ever been.
BA (Cantab)

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