Viewing: Crime for Earl Pinnock

Earl has an impressive practice. His reputation attracts instructions from a diverse range of solicitors and practices throughout the country. Friendly and approachable, he operates from No5’s London and Birmingham bases.
He defends serious criminal allegations including homicide, drugs conspiracies, white collar fraud, money laundering, armed robbery, firearms offences, gang related crime, sexual offences, people trafficking, blackmail and kidnap. He is well versed in proceeds of crime matters.
He routinely appears in high profile cases alone, led and leading. Notable cases include the largest ever NHS dental fraud, the Birmingham Riots, a husband accused of murdering his wife who was said to have been possessed with a Jinn spirit, gang related west London murders, the 2015 HMP Oakwood prison mutiny, the Benefit Street drugs conspiracy featuring defendants from the Channel 4 documentary and the Wembley murder of a Syrian cleric.
Earl has the common touch. He has the happy knack of being able to get along with all personality types from all sorts of backgrounds. His client handling skills are exceptional. Vulnerable clients and their families appreciate his sensitivity. Demanding clients respect his strength. All welcome the rigorous attention he gives to their particular situation. He is often the Counsel of choice with clients who are very difficult to handle. He is particularly experienced in understanding the advantages of psychological evidence and knows how to deploy it to assist his clients.
Earl regularly wins the confidence of juries both in cross examination and speeches. In difficult cases where the closing speech may carry the day, he has gained a reputation for being highly persuasive.
He also appears before professional disciplinary panels representing doctors, dentists, psychologists and lecturers / teachers.
He maintains close link with lawyers in the Caribbean.
Earl Is licensed to accept Direct Public Access work. He has undertaken vulnerable witness training.
Notable Cases
R v Cotterril 2017, Stafford Crown Court
Conspiracies to burgle steal and rob. Case involves long running operation to obtain and sell high end vehicles.
R v Lewis Davis 2017, Gloucester Crown Court
Operation Cuckoo – London based drugs conspiracy where dealers secrete themselves in Gloucester cells occupied by drug addicts and use premises as a base to store and push drugs.
R v Walker 2017, Snaresbrook Crown Court
Section 18 allegation involving cracked skull and racial overtones. Acquitted of s18 and s20
R v Devlada 2016, Court of Appeal
Instructed to appeal kidnap and murder conviction from Liverpool Crown Court in 2011. Appeal ongoing
R v Cooper 2016, Old Bailey and Kingston Crown court
Ex British arm officer Cooper accused of assassinating leading Syrian cleric of West London mosque after being recruited by Rashid, the cleric’s rival.
R v Barker 2016, Manchester Crown Court
Gangland violence involving discharge of firearms in drug related dispute
R v Johnson 2016, Manchester Crown Court
Death by Careless driving
R v Simpson 2015, Leicester Crown Court
Acquitted of assisting co-defendants (murderers) in disposing of vehicles used in shooting
R v Wright 2015, Birmingham Crown Court
Defending in Benefit Street drugs conspiracy. Client walked.
R v JM 2015, Reading Crown Court
Attempted murder, convicted of s18
R v Harris 2015, Stafford Crown Court
Charged with mutiny, convicted of lesser offence (violent disorder)
R v Jones 2015, Old Bailey
Gang murder
R v Burton 2014, Middlesborough Crown Court
Allegations of blackmail involving prostitutes
R v Connolly 2014, Plymouth Crown Court
Acquitted of Liverpool – Plymouth drugs conspiracy
R v M 2014, Birmingham Crown Court
Attempted murder, convicted of s18
R v Nkata 2013- 14, Isleworth Crown Court
Four month drug importation trial – crown eventually offer no evidence
R v Simmons 2013, Wolverhampton Crown Court
Cocaine conspiracy, sentence successfully appealed
R v Williams 2014, Lincoln Crown Court
The Sweeney meets Let’s Take the Money and Run - botched armed bank robbery
R v Patel 2013, Leicester Crown Court
Tit for tat arson attacks amongst rival shisha businesses
R v Trail 2012, Birmingham Crown Court
1.4 million dental fraud
R v Mumtaz 2012, Birmingham Crown Court
Mumtaz and others accused of suffocating the deceased (his wife). Case involved complicated pathological and psychological evidence. It featured expert cultural evidence attesting to belief in Jinn possession in Islamic tradition and similar belief systems in other cultures
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