Viewing: Medical for David Tyack KC

David is consistently ranked as a leading junior in clinical negligence in both the Chambers and Partners and Legal 500 guides. David has experience of most sorts of medical and surgical claims in most fields of surgical and medical expertise including those involving orthopaedic injuries, infection, surgical errors and GP negligence.
The following are examples of the sort of cases in which David has been involved in the last three years:
- Negligent failure by A and E doctors to investigate the possibility of an aortic aneurysm dissection in a young man leading to cardiac arrest and death.
- Negligent failure to act upon signs of post hip replacement infection, leading to profound infection and ultimately hindquarter amputation of the lower limb (including amputation through the pelvis).
- Claim involving substandard knee replacement surgery and after care leading to serious long term disability and acceleration of the need for multiple knee replacements.
- Negligent failure to diagnose serious elbow fracture in young boy leading to serious long term disability, care needs and restriction on the open labour market.
- Negligent failure during surgery on arthritic elbow properly to treat iatrogenic elbow fracture and leading to largely defunctioned dominant arm.
- Negligent administration following thyroid surgery of calcium into Claimant’s forearm leading to severe burns, the need for plastic surgery and a defunctioned dominant arm.
- Alleged negligent failure by GP to refer a Claimant with acute myeloid leukaemia for further investigations, leading to cardiac arrest and long term cardiac damage.
- Alleged negligent failure by GP to refer Claimant for investigation into persistent respiratory problems leading to a delay in diagnosing profound fungal infection of the lungs and reduction in life expectancy.
- Negligent failure by GP to treat infection in a young child leading to permanent damage to eyesight.
- Negligent failure by A and E department and ophthalmology department of two separate trusts to diagnose eye infection in an adult leading to blindness.
- Alleged negligent insertion of an inappropriate sized valve during aortic valve replacement surgery leading to life limiting cardiac disease.
- Negligent failure to diagnose and treat acute psychosis in patient with advanced HIV leading to patient taking his own life.
- Failure to place patient suffering from acute psychiatric episode on one to one observations leading to his suicide.
- Negligent failure to keep young woman suffering from acute psychiatric episode under suitable observation leading to her attempting suicide and suffering catastrophic brain injuries.
- Substandard surgery to remove lipoma leading to removal of lymphatic system and chronic severe lymphoedema.
- Alleged negligent cardiac catheter investigation leading to misinterpretation of intra procedural electrocardiograms and unnecessary nodal ablation leading to almost total pacemaker dependency in a young woman.
- Negligent mismanagement of diabetic arterial insufficiency by vascular surgeon and subsequent failure by podiatrist to refer patient with acutely ischaemic limb leading to below knee amputation.
- Allegedly negligent removal of patient’s spleen without consent leading to serious complications and gastro intestinal disorder and reliance on extremely restricted diet.
- Negligent failure to spot complications of Nissen fundoplication anti - reflux surgery leading to severe castro intestine or problems and ultimately a gastrectomy, causing severe reflux and dietary restrictions and reduced life expectancy.
- Negligent failure to spot and act upon signs of overwhelming sepsis following iatrogenic bowel injury during caesarean section, leading to cardiac arrest, kidney injury and profound critical care myopathy and lifelong disabilities.
- Negligent medical and surgical management of anal fissure in young soldier during active service in Afghanistan and in the UK leading full faecal incontinence.
“His preparation for conference and attention to detail are excellent. I know that he explores every aspect of a claim.” “He is calm, measured and convincing on his feet.” “David is a great technical lawyer and a tenacious advocate.” “He is technically outstanding.” “He is very intelligent and fights hard for the client.” “David is an excellent barrister who works on very complex cases.”
Chambers and Partners 2023 (Clinical Negligence)
“David is thorough, meticulous and always willing to go the extra mile for clients.” “a safe pair of hands who shows great resilience in difficult cases.”
Legal 500 2023 (Personal Injury)
“David is extremely knowledgeable, tenacious and very focused. He is methodical and has great client empathy.” "David is one of the go-to silks and has brilliant attention to detail. He identifies all the key issues in cases missed by an expert. He richly deserves his recent appointment as a KC." “David is superbly thorough and an excellent advocate on technical matters especially.”
Legal 500 2023 (Clinical Negligence)
“His drafting skills are excellent and he demonstrates significant attention to detail. He is always well prepared.”
Chambers UK 2022 (Clinical Negligence)
“A very strong advocate with a meticulous eye for detail.” “He is very good at advising on tricky points of law and is very thorough in his work.”
Chambers UK 2021 (Clinical Negligence)
“His meticulous approach and grasp of complex areas of law and medicine makes him one of the strongest practitioners on circuit.”
Legal 500 2021 (Clinical Negligence)
“His drafting skills are excellent, and he has very good attention to detail.” “A very diligent and incredibly hard-working barrister with great client care skills.”
Chambers UK 2021 (Clinical Negligence)
“Unflappable even in the most complex of cases, with client care skills that make him a good choice for vulnerable claimants.”
Legal 500 2021 (Clinical Negligence)
“Calm, measured and has great attention to detail and analytical skills.”
Legal 500 2021 (Personal Injury)
"He is approachable and a good negotiator, and he is keen to get the right result for his client.” “He has a very good eye for detail and he is immensely helpful when discussing cases.” “He is a very meticulous and knowledgeable barrister and I am always impressed by his advice.”
Chambers UK 2020
Personal Injuries Bar Association
MA Juris, Christ Church, Oxon

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