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Chloe is an impressive junior widely recognised as having a practice which is pre-eminent amongst those of her call. Her work is defined by her personable approach and intellectual ability.
Whether acting alone or as a led junior, Chloe is sought after by a diverse range of solicitors. Those instructing value her unwavering determination to secure the best possible result for their lay clients.
Chloe’s practice is focused on defending in serious cases, spanning the full spectrum of criminal matters. Many of her cases are long, complex and multi-handed- they routinely attract national media attention.
Instructions have ranged from: murder and manslaughter trials, drugs conspiracies, gang related crime, fraud and money laundering, human trafficking and slavery trials, fatal driving offences, sexual offences (including, offences against children and the vulnerable), serious violence (arson, armed robberies, GBH) and misconduct offences.
Chloe is particularly adept at dealing with sensitive cases and represents clients across the social spectrum. She has a reputation for being particularly gifted in winning the trust of even the most justifiably self-protective clients in order to successfully represent them. Many of Chloe’s clients are young or have significant mental health difficulties.
Chloe’s successes are a result of her outstanding case preparation, which is reinforced by her performance in court. She has built a reputation for being a safe pair of hands when faced with difficult points of law and challenging lay clients. As a consequence she regularly receives praise from those who appear with and against her. Judges value the forensic attention to detail and commitment she brings to her cases.
In a recent case, involving allegations of serious sexual assault and the cross-examination of a young, intellectually disabled witness the trial judge described Chloe’s conduct as: “Creditworthy of an advocate of 20 years’ call. She is very impressive”.
Chloe’s ability to quickly build an empathetic relationship lends itself well to juries and achieves results in the most difficult of cases.
Chloe’s cases are often paper heavy, complex matters which are the result of significant police operations. She is adept at coming to terms with the evidence in such cases and has the ability to translate it into a sensible and understandable form for juries and clients alike.
Chloe favours face-to-face contact early with clients so that issues can be identified swiftly and, if necessary, acted upon. Her advice is always nuanced and insightful.
Chloe’s skill with her clients is borne out of her experiences as former HR manager in the retail sector and her work in the voluntary sector on an impressive range of human rights projects. Her work included spending time working on appeal cases on Texas’ Death Row and with Reprieve in London. She also spent several years working as a trustee for Rape Crisis before becoming a barrister.
“Chloe can hold her own in cases where you would normally instruct a far more senior barrister. She has great attention to detail; she is committed and works incredibly hard. But more than that she is wonderful with clients, from all backgrounds. She is innovative in tackling legal challenges and she perseveres to get the right result. As a solicitor you can’t ask for more.”
“She is always top of our list when it comes to instructing in complex, serious cases. Chloe is extremely hard working, diligent, and leaves no piece of plausible evidence unexplored. Simply, she is a workaholic. She has an unrivalled commitment to her clients. She genuinely cares for them and their welfare: to that end she will fight hard for the right result for them.”
“Chloe endears herself to clients almost immediately, she exudes warmth, even with the most challenging of clients she will win them over. Her presentation in court is faultless- she quickly masters the evidence in a way that lends itself well to a jury. Judges she appears before value her commitment to her cases and her opponents respect her for it.”
“She has a real command of the law and evidence in any case I instruct her in- which can only come from a brilliant mind. Judge’s commend her for her forensic attention to detail in cases.”
“Her preparation is meticulous...I receive nothing but excellent feedback from clients, they all warm to her- especially youths.”
“Her ability to meet and exceed our client’s expectations is second to none. Her relatively junior status is ignored by clients who see her as personable, intelligent and savvy…she is mature beyond her years.”
Notable Cases
Operation Ambition
Chloe represented one of eight defendants accused of conspiracy to supply cannabis. Following a trial Defendant was convicted in the alternative of cultivation of a cannabis plant. He received a conditional discharge.
Operation Robotic
Chloe is instructed to represent one of five family members facing allegations concerned with the alleged exploitation and recruitment of vulnerable individuals from Slovakia over a seven-year period.
Operation Macaw
Chloe is instructed to represent one of three teenage defendant’s charged with the murder of another fifteen-year-old boy in Coventry. The case is ongoing:
Operation Loft
Chloe acted as a junior in a long case relating to the falsification of earnings on behalf of visa sponsors to enable them to meet Home Office criteria in relation to marriage visa. Her client was acquitted following a 6-week trial in which his daughter turned ‘Queens Evidence’:
R v ZN and Others
Chloe was by Phil Bradley QC, in the notorious Worcester ‘acid attack’ case. It was alleged that her client, the lead defendant ‘Z’ aged, 40 conspired to throw sulphuric acid on his three-year-old son. He was jointly charged alongside 6 others. The case involved the youngest victim of such an attack to be prosecuted and attracted significant media coverage:
Operation Wraithbane
Chloe represented one of thirty-six men (a lead defendant) charged with public nuisance. The defendants allegedly formed part of an organised crime ring who converged on Birmingham as an unauthorized gathering involving hundreds of motorcyclists. Chloe’s client was acquitted.
R v CF
Chloe led by Peter Grieves-Smith, is instructed to prosecute the trial of a senior nurse accused of neglecting a vulnerable, care home resident who later died.
R v AS
Representation of Afghan teenager charged with serious offences who entered pleas under duress. Application to vacate pleas successful following a Positive National Referral Mechanism decision. Chloe acted pro bono with Barnardos, a charity specialising in the representation of children subject to exploitation, acting as an intervener.
R v MG
Chloe led by Earl Pinnock, represented a former professional footballer alleged to have stalked his ex-lover. There were significant disclosure failings as a result of inattentive police investigations. Use of that evidence demonstrated relevant credibility issues which led to an acquittal. Case attracted nationwide publicity.
R v MB
Represented former Army officer in a case involving large volumes of cocaine and heroin. Charged with possession with intent to supply the client maintained the drugs were acquired for personal use despite the volume. Defence enquiries revealed there was no phone evidence, financial transactions or other paraphernalia to emphasise a commercial role. Nonetheless the client would face difficulty at trial due to conflicting expert’s reports regarding the value of the drugs and the use of cutting agents (benzocaine and lidocaine). Successfully negotiated a plea on a favourable basis. Suspended sentence achieved.
R v VT
Defendant faced charges of sexual assault. Defendant was blind and deaf, alleged to have inappropriately and touched three women on public transport on two separate dates, in very similar circumstances. Defence was that the touching was not sexual. Argument for separate summary trials contested by the Crown but acceded to by the District Judge following submission of a detailed skeleton argument and lengthy oral submissions. Defendant acquitted of both charges after two separate trials.
CPS Advocates Panel – Grade 2
Chloe also currently sits on the West Midlands Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel. Presently advising, along with her colleague Daniel Oscroft, on revising the national policy on prosecuting such cases.
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Criminal Bar Association
Human Rights Lawyers Association
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Midlands Circuit Women’s Forum
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