Viewing: Crime for Cathlyn Orchard

Cathlyn is a very experienced criminal practitioner. She is instructed by both defence and prosecution in very serious and complex cases, including murder, causing death when driving, serious violent and sexual offences, child cruelty, firearms offences, drug offences and public disorder.
As well as appearing in court, Cathlyn advises on law and evidence pre-charge. Cathlyn is a Grade 4 CPS prosecutor and a Serious Sexual Crimes panel member.
Notable Cases
R v J and J
Advised pre-charge in case where a 9 week old baby sustained severe brain injuries as a result of abusive head trauma. Father charged with Causing Grievous Bodily Harm with Intent and the Mother with Allowing Serious Harm to a Child. Consideration needed to be given to a large volume of complex medical evidence as well as advising on further expert evidence.
R v C and others
Represented one of three defendants charged with possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life. The case required careful analysis of cell site and CCTV evidence and skilful cross-examination of cell site and body mapping experts.
R v B and H
Junior prosecution counsel. Baby sustained traumatic brain injury resulting in catastrophic injury, father convicted after trial of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and mother convicted of child neglect.
R v M
Successfully defended a man for child cruelty. The child sustained multiple non-accidental injuries including injury suggestive of the use of an implement recovered from the defendant’s home. The case required careful cross-examination of the paediatric expert as well as mastery of a large volume of material to present in agreed form to assist the defendant.
R v C
Junior prosecution counsel. Baby died as a result of abusive head trauma, mother’s boyfriend convicted of murder after trial.
Operation Golf
Junior prosecution counsel. Prosecution of 19 members of an OCG supplying drugs across Staffordshire. The case involved complex analysis of phone attribution and phone data as well as substantial observation evidence.
R v T and others
Prosecuted to conviction 3 men for the kidnap, assault and rape of a vulnerable woman with drink and drug dependency. Convictions upheld on appeal.
R v I
Successfully defended a teacher charged with historic sexual offences against a former pupil.
R v M
Successfully defended a teacher accused of sexually assaulting his 7 year old pupil. This case required sensitive and skilful handling of a young complainant.
R v S
Prosecuted to conviction a man for attempted murder following a stabbing in a nightclub.
R v A
Successfully defended a man accused of multiple rapes of his girlfriend’s teenage daughter where his DNA was recovered from the girl’s knickers and his case was that he had been “set up”. This case required very skilful cross-examination of the complainant and medical experts. The complainant’s account was discredited in cross-examination.
R v S and G
Prosecuted to conviction parents for causing or allowing serious injury to their baby. The case involved consideration of a substantial volume of third party material for disclosure.
R v D
Prosecuted to conviction career bank robber for multiple bank robberies commited whilst he was “on the run” from prison. He featured on Crimewatch.
R v F, H and K
Prosecuted to conviction 3 men for gun-point robbery and serious assault with a machete.
R v E
Advised pre-charge against man for historic familial sexual offences involving 7 of his children. The case required consideration of a very large volume of third party material as well as consideration of potential autrefois acquit/abuse of process. Convicted after trial.
R v F
Successfully defended a man accused of multiple serious sexual offences against his step daughter.
Criminal Bar Association
Member midland circuit
BA (Hons), Diploma Law (City University)