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Andrew Wallace specialises exclusively in crime and has extensive experience prosecuting and defending all types of criminal work.
Andrew is a serious sexual crime panel member. He has extensive experience in dealing with cases involving historical complaints, multiple Complainants, serious domestic violence, child Complainants and breach of trust.
In the past few years he has regularly given lectures to the West Midlands Police Sexual Offences Training College on the subject of Preliminary Investigations into Sexual Offences.
Areas of Work:
- Serious Violence Including Attempted Murder
- Child Cruelty
- Serious sexual offences
- Firearms
- Serious Fraud
- Aggravated Burglary
- Armed Robbery
- Regulatory Crime: Including a prosecution involving a fatality when an employee was electrocuted at a building site.
- Proceeds of Crime
- Kidnap and False Imprisonment
- Drugs offences including substantial importations and test purchase operations and cannabis factories
- Large scale violent disorders with multiple Defendants, including Football Violence
Notable Cases
R V Colin Cooke (2017) – Wolverhampton Crown Court
The prosecution of a conspiracy to rob a man in his flat which culminated in his murder.
R v M (2013) – Warwick Crown Court
The Defendant inflicted life-threatening injuries with a knife to the abdomen of the Complainant.
R v Frank Wade (2012) – Stafford Crown Court
The Defendant attempted to murder his wife by suffocating her.
R v James Laidlaw (2016) – Warwick Crown Court
Prosecuting a Defendant who caused over 30 fractures to a 3-6 month old baby.
R v Christine Button (2016) – Warwick Crown Court
The Prosecution of a nursery school manager who assaulted or ill-treated several very young children in her school.
R v Weldon (2016) - Birmingham Crown Court
The Defendant had 2 cannabis factories and 2 separate business premises.
R v Graham (2013) Worcester Crown Court
The Defendant was the principal organiser in a substantial drugs conspiracy run from Wolverhampton to supply class A drugs from an address in Worcester.
R v Coker, Stephens, Djima and White (2013) – Birmingham Crown Court
The Defendant(s) in Walsall directed a courier(s) from Sheffield to collect ½ kilo of high purity cocaine from a supplier in London (D) to deliver to the receiver (W) in Birmingham. The case turned principally on phone distribution and analysis.
R v Muncy and Playdon (2009) – Stafford Crown Court
Several large residential or commercial premises converted into large scale cannabis factories.
R v Mottram and Others (2008) – Peterborough Crown Court
The importation of 1 million worth of class A drugs.
R v Zaccri Smith (2017) – Birmingham Crown Court
The Defendant discharged 5 shots from a revolver shooting one person in the head.
R v Kyi Smith (2013) - Wolverhampton Crown Court
The Defendant obtained a converted firearm.
R v G (2013) – Wolverhampton Crown Court
The Defendant being chased by Police Officers, jumped from the Aston Expressway and got into a stationary car forcing the occupants with the threat of a firearm to drive away from the scene.
R v William Turner (2017) – Birmingham Crown Court
The Defendant defrauded banks out of 1.3 million.
R v Nicola Saxelby (2013) – Worcester Crown Court
The Defendant defrauded her employers out of 400,000.
R v JH and DP (2013)
JH and his associates obtained his grandmother’s property by forgery. DP'sdemolished the property, developed it and sold it for 1.2 million.
R v Alice Gough (2012) – Wolverhampton Crown Court
The Defendant obtained over 100,000 of benefit payments to which she was not entitled.
R v W (2012) – Warwick Crown Court
The Defendant and another attended an address with masks and weapons to enforce a drug ..... and attacked the occupants.
R v Selwyn Hall (2009) – Birmingham Crown Court
A man with a history of targeting elderly females in their own home, blind-folding them sexually assaulting them and burgling their homes.
R v Ricardo Cousins (2010) – Birmingham Crown Court
The Defendant and a group of other young males robbed a family in their own home at gunpoint.
R v Padda and Others (2010) – Birmingham Crown Court
The night time kidnaps of a shopkeeper and his assistant to obtain the alarm codes to his shop.
Operation Weld (2014-2016)
Following the conviction of 23 Defendants for drug trafficking offences, confiscation orders for realisable sums totalling several millions of pounds were obtained.
Operation Caliper (2013)
involving a benefit of 1.6 million obtained by bank fraud.
R v Darren Bradley (2013)
Substantial hearing involving drug benefit of 2.3 million and a confiscation order made in the sum of 406,000.
R v C (2015)
A mother falsely imprisoned her daughter’s boyfriend and with her sons tied him up and humiliated him by beating him, shaving his head and making him dress in women’s clothing.
R v Abouakkhar (2014)
The Defendant conspired with others to kidnap a nightclub owner and demand a ransom. When the conspirators went to collect the ransom, they were intercepted by Police.
R v M (2012) – Wolverhampton Crown Court
The Complainant was detained against his will, subjected to a serious beating and forced to telephone his mother to obtain money to secure his release.
Operation Weld (2014) – Birmingham Crown Court
A cocaine conspiracy involving 23 Defendants and the multi kilo supply of cocaine from Greater London via the West Midlands to Humberside.
Operation Pink Duck/Yellowstone (2012) – Drugs Conspiracy – Birmingham Crown Court
Junior in a complex class A drugs conspiracy, involving 2 police forces, a large number of Defendants across the country and the sourcing and supplying of kilogram packages of heroin and cocaine from Liverpool to Birmingham, where it was cut before being delivered to Sussex where it was sold on the streets.
Operation Uplink (2010) - Murder
A shooting of a bar owner in Bilston, case involved joint enterprise, the main 2 defendants being sentenced to 28 and 29 years respectively.
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