Planning Podcast: Planning Appeals Part 2 with James Corbet Burcher

Thu, 10 Sep 2020


James Corbet Burcher joins Richard Kimblin QC for the second Planning Podcast dedicated to Richard's upcoming book release "Planning appeals: Practice and materials" where they discuss insights into the key elements of the modern planning appeal

Watch episode 1 here

From one of the leading barristers in this field Richard Kimblin QC, is a practitioner-focused text dedicated to the law and practice of planning appeals in England and Wales. With particular emphasis on hearings and inquiries, this practical ‘how to’ title offers a step-by-step guide to commencing and framing a case, and explains how to support it effectively with appropriate evidence.

In his Foreword, Lord Justice Lindblom writes:

"This is an excellent and timely book. Unlike others on planning law, it concentrates on appeals from local planning authorities to the Secretary of State: how they are made, how they are managed, and how they are won and lost.


Its lucid explanation of the purpose and utility of oral evidence – in Chapter 5, “Inquiries” – will assist both witnesses and inspectors, and lawyers too. So will its discussion of the role and responsibilities of the advocate. As it emphasises, carefully prepared and well directed cross-examination serves to sharpen the matters in dispute. This is a benefit of an adversarial process, an advantage over the merely inquisitorial.

There is a great deal more to commend in “Planning Appeals”. Richard Kimblin has brought together the relevant rules and practice, and has provided much insight into the system of appeals as it operates today. His book will strengthen the literature of planning. I wish it success."

To mark publication, the Planning Podcast has turned to the topic of Planning Appeals via two conversations: the first with Bridget Rosewell OBE, author of the Independent Review of Planning Appeal Inquiries; the second with James Corbet Burcher. Together they contribute many insights into the key elements of the modern planning appeal.

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