Planning Podcast 24: The Ox-Cam Arc

Tue, 11 May 2021


In one of the Planning Podcast’s ‘long-listens’, we bring together guests with long experience and real insight into planning for one of England’s most complex and dynamic areas in which so much is playing out: linear infrastructure; local and London’s unmet housing need; connecting hubs of growth and innovation; spatial strategies across districts and regions; new governance structures and a particular role for Government in forward planning. We are grateful to all of Richard Kimblin QC’s guests: Satnam Choongh, Catriona Riddell, Dave Valler (Oxford Brookes) and Daniel Francis (Carter Jonas) for contributing to this episode which seeks out the primary rationale for the Ox-Cam Arc, how the spatial vision can be identified with a consensus might produce something like the RPG which some of us recall.

To read the report referred to by Daniel Francis, see:

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