Sarah Allen Prosecutes pregnant burglar

Tue, 06 Sep 2011

A PREGNANT woman took part in a burglary after drinking super-strength lager.
Debbie Aston held open a window of a ground-floor flat in Charnwood Street while two of her friends climbed in and stole two bags.
Derby Crown Court heard that the owner of the flat returned in the early hours to find that his girlfriend's handbag and overnight bag had been stolen.
There were bottles of aftershave strewn across the pavement outside and other items were found nearby.
Nearly £20 of items were stolen but £210 of goods were recovered nearby.
Aston, 22, told police that she had been drinking before the offence and that when they had walked past the flat they noticed the window was ajar. She said she had pulled it open but did not go inside.
Sarah Allen, prosecuting, said: "She told officers that when she drinks Skol Super lager, it makes her do stupid things."
Aston, of Uttoxeter New Road, admitted committing burglary on July 9.
Handing Aston an eight-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, Recorder Kevin Hegarty QC said: "Some might say what an extraordinary thing to see a 22-year-old, expecting a baby, do a thing like this but then they might look at your record."
The court was told that Aston, who is now five months pregnant, had 14 convictions since 2008.
Christopher Gabbitas, in mitigation, said: "She recognises with great regret this new offence has tarnished her progress and set her back."

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