The Crime Group comprises 16 Silks and 51 Juniors offering unrivalled strength in depth and exemplary client service, with specialists providing their expertise in the most complex criminal trials. Our Crime Barristers offer a nationwide service and is regarded as the pre-eminent criminal set on the Midland Circuit. We pride ourselves on our commitment to clients and excellent advocacy.

Our Queen’s Counsel have been instructed on behalf of both the prosecution and the defence in many of the leading criminal trials of the last decade. Our Junior counsel provide instructing solicitors and their clients with expertise at all levels, and at all stages of the criminal process.

Specialist Areas

Members of the group provide representation throughout the country are regularly involved in serious and high-profile cases. Examples include The News of the World phone hacking case, the MPs’ expenses scandal and the plot to smuggle drugs and phones into prisons.

Counsel prosecute and defend on both a legal aid basis, and on a privately funded basis.
Work is undertaken at all levels with a considerable increase in the amount of regulatory work undertaken over recent years.

We offer barristers with expertise across a range of specialist areas including:

  • Assault / Violence
  • Burglary / Robbery / Theft / Shop-lifting
  • Child Abuse
  • Criminal Fraud and Proceeds of Crime
  • Dishonesty Offences
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drugs Offences
  • Murder and Manslaughter cases
  • Road Traffic Deaths
  • Sexual Assault
  • Terrorism, Firearms and Public Disorder Offences
  • Vandalism

Our counsel are experienced in drafting both grounds of appeal and applications for judicial review.

How much could it cost me?

Depending on your circumstances, we can help you find the right barrister at a price to suit your budget and level of enquiry.

The clerks in the area of your particular issue can help you find the right Barrister and give you an indication of the cost.

To assist you further we have set out below some more common examples of costings and the relevant Clerks who can assist you.

Summary only motoring defences- Costs Document


Year of call: 1986
Position: Deputy Head of Chambers
David Mason QC
Year of call: 1986
Mark Heywood QC
Year of call: 1988
Position: Leader of the Midland Circuit
Michael Duck QC
Year of call: 1989
Gary Bell QC
Year of call: 1990
Position: Head of Chambers
Adrian Keeling QC
Year of call: 2001
Michelle Heeley QC


Year of call: 1985
Mark Kelly
Year of call: 1988
Ekwall Singh Tiwana
Year of call: 1988
Ian Bridge
Year of call: 1989
Martin Liddiard
Year of call: 1990
Andrew Baker
Year of call: 1990
Antonie Muller
Year of call: 1992
Steven Bailey
Year of call: 1993
Emma Edhem
Year of call: 1994
Brian Dean
Year of call: 1999
Colin Banham
Year of call: 2000
Neil Chawla
Year of call: 2000
Sharon Bahia
Year of call: 2001
Jasvir Singh Mann
Year of call: 2001
Philip Rule
Year of call: 2001
Simon Worlock
Year of call: 2001
Tim Pole
Year of call: 2001
Tom Schofield
Year of call: 2003
Daniel Oscroft
Year of call: 2003
Earl Pinnock
Year of call: 2005
Harpreet Singh Sandhu
Year of call: 2007
Simon Hunka
Year of call: 2008
Ramya Nagesh

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