Viewing: Crime for Saleema Mahmood

Saleema is well known on the Midlands Circuit as meticulous in her preparation of cases and a fearless advocate.
She has appeared in a number of the recent high profile cases both in the Midlands and North of England, including the defence of the only defendant acquitted of the murders of Charlene Ellis and Letitia Shakespeare, the representation of one of the defendants in the murder of Naila Mumtaz (exorcism) and Percy Wright (murder of ex partner leading to significant investigation into the practices of Warwickshire Police in cases of domestic abuse)
Saleema specialises in the defence of violent and sexual offences but also holds a growing Money laundering/ Fraud practice.
At 13 years call, Saleema holds a practice far beyond that which could be expected and holds a strong reputation in the field of criminal defence particularly young and vulnerable defendants.
Saleema is well regarded by both lay and professional clients for her no nonsense yet empathetic approach to defendants and complainants alike. She has frequently been recognised with entries in both Chambers and the Legal 500 publications.
This year (2012) Saleema has been included in and entry in Asian’s Who’s Who.
Saleema’s attention to detail and focused approach to complex analysis work is well recognised and she has developed a strong reputation for her ability to deal with extensive telephone evidence and financial accounting in a manner which appeals to juries and judges alike.
Saleema’s down to earth court room approach lends to her growing reputation as an expert in cases involving young or vulnerable witnesses, frequently commended in the courts.
Those fortunate enough to have watched Saleema at work have praised her sensitive yet direct approach to cross-examination particularly in sexual offences cases and vulnerable complainants.
Her style of advocacy is commended by senior members of the circuit as direct, relevant and intelligent.
Saleema is well known for her meticulous preparation and analysis of cases together with her friendly and amiable personality. She has excellent rapport with young defendants and those from ethnic minorities
Her forensic analysis in complex frauds and large scale telephone work is second to none.
Saleema has recently registered as a pupil supervisor
Saleema speaks fluent french.
Homicide and Corporate Manslaughter
Saleema was part of the only team acquitted in the New Years Eve murders and has gone on to be instructed as junior counsel in a number of very high profile murders including honour killings and gang murders raising defences including diminished responsibility. Her notable cases are:
- R v Beckford and others (New Years Eve murders)
- R v Percy Wright (Diminshed Responsibility)
- R v Mohammed Shafique (Honour Killing)
- R v Mohammed Shafaqat (Gang Murder)
- R v Shazad Mahmood and others (Gang Murder)
- R v Ul Haq (Exorcism)
Fraud and Financial Crime
Saleema has a wealth of experience in large scale fraud and POCA proceedings. She has represented defendants in a number of mortgage and VAT organised fraud cases.
- R v Butt and others (Mortgage fraud)
- R v Ian Herdman (POCA)
- R v Edward Hulse (Carousel Fraud)
- R v Yan Li (Banker to Morecombe Bay cockle pickers gang leader)
- R v Hassan Butt and others. (Material inciting racial hatred)
Organised Crime
In the last decade Saleema cemented her position as one of the leading counsel representing gang members in the Midlands, in particular members of the Burger Bar Boys gang.
- R v Tafarwa Beckford (Murder)
- R v Johnson (Armed Robbery)
- R v Martin (GBH with intent)
- R v Leroy Davidson (Armed bank Robbery)
General Crime
Saleema has an extensive criminal defence practice with a particular interest in drugs and violent offences. Recently she has successfully argued against applications for several serious crime prevention orders
- R v Hussain (Conspiracy to Supply Class A)
- R v Hussain (Conspiracy to Supply Class A)
- R v Hussain (Conspiracy to Supply Class A)
- R v Luke Nutting (Attempted Murder)
- R v David Murphy (Conspiracy to Rob Financial Institutions)
Sexual Offences
Saleema is well known her local circuit as counsel to call upon in particularly sensitive sexual offences trial and has been instructed to cross-examine complainants as young as four years of age.
She has good solid knowledge of sexual offences prevention orders
- R v Dennis Compton (Historical Sexual Abuse of children aged 4 and 2 years)
- R v Graham Murray (Sexual Grooming)
- R v Nathaniel Henry (Rape of 7 year old complainant)
- R v Rahman Aziz (Kidnap, Rape and Blackmail)