Richard Moat

Viewing: Industrial Disease for Richard Moat

Richard has substantial experience in dealing with industrial disease litigation and a substantial part of his personal injury practice is such work.
Cases that he has undertaken in the last year include:-
- Asbestos related cases. Fatal accident and non fatal accident claims involving mesothelioma and asbestosis. Pleural plaques claims. Claims involving exposure to asbestos 60 years ago.
- COSHH claims. Industrial asthma claims. Claims involving exposure to latex and gluteraldehyde. Claims involving chemical explosions.
- Upper limb disorder claims. VWF claims. Repetitive strain claims. Claims involving unsafe systems of work.
- Noise induced deafness claims.
- Stress at work claims. claims involving excessive workload, lack of managerial support and bullying in the workplace.
- Richard has considerable experience in the area of civil procedure regarding such claims. He has undertaken work in the last year on cases involving limitation, admissions, service, companies being restored to the Register and issues relating to provisional damages.
“He is technically brilliant with a good mind for seeing the settlement value of a case. He is tenacious in negotiations and realistic with clients.” “He’s efficient, reliable and approachable.”
Chambers UK 2019
Legal Assessor to the Hearing Aid Council of Great Britain which disciplines hearing aid dispensers for irregularities in pursuance of this work.
Christ Church Oxford (BA)

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