Richard Adkinson

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Richard is a barrister who works across a wide range of legal areas and represents both individuals and undertakings, both large and small. This wide range of experience equips him to deal with a wide range of different situations.
Richard has experience appearing before Coroners at both pre-inquest reviews and the inquest itself. His experience is predominantly in deaths in custody, whether by suicide or other ways. Through his membership of the Attorney General’s Panel of Regional Counsel, he has worked on behalf of government departments such as the Ministry of Justice He is also used to holding pre-inquest conferences to explore concerns or issues or simply to provide reassurance.
Cases that Richard has acted in include,
An inquest in Northamptonshire where he represented a witness of the Ministry of Justice in relation to a death in custody in an outsourced gaol.
An inquest in Derby concerning a driver whose car left the road during heavy rain. Concerns about potentially inadequate drainage.
An inquest in Doncaster concerning a prisoner who died while exercising in the gym.
An inquest in Stourport, Worcestershire, into the suicide of a foreign prisoner.
An inquest in Stafford into the death of an elderly prisoner.
An inquest in Norwich into death of prisoner from natural causes with concerns about medical care.
An inquest in Norwich into the death of prisoner with concerns about the quality of medical care received.
Richard is able to accept work directly under the public access scheme.
Member of the Attorney General’s Panel of Junior Counsel to the Crown for the Midlands’ Region.
MEng (Hons) Electronic (Communications) Engineering, University of Sheffield
PGDip (Law), De Montfort University

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