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Philip has a developed an in-depth knowledge of matters including Health and Safety, Environmental, Built Environment, Licensing, Specialist Regulatory, and Road Traffic Offences. Developing his knowledge of Regulatory Offences both in the Magistrates’ and Crown Court, Philip has represented individuals, and international companies throughout various stages within the trial process.
Philip is an experienced advocate, and one of a few Barrister’s who came from an Architecture background. Working in an Architectural Practice, he has an in-depth knowledge into the requirements, and regulations surrounding the built environment, and has developed a practice understanding the complexities involved within the construction industry.
Philip has previously been seconded with the Crown Prosecution Service, where he developed a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of both the procedures and decisions of prosecuting local authorities, local councils, and the CPS. Philip has been instructed on cases involving medical professionals, and serious misconduct, and sexual allegations. Philip understands the rules relating to individual prosecuting authorities, undertaking both private and public prosecutions.
Regulatory Offences
Health And Safety Provisions
Instructed in cases involving Health and Safety Philip has developed a comprehensive understanding of the rules and regulations of the Health and Safety at Work Act. Instructed in cases involving procedural scrutiny, and company working practices, Philip has assisted senior counsel on complex areas of law including cases involving serious injury, and gross negligence manslaughter.
Professional Disciplinary Matters
Instructed to represent individuals and professional bodies regarding disciplinary offences, Philip receives instructions in relation to individuals including Medical Professionals and Professionals connected with the built environment.
Philip has represented the interests of individuals at hearings at various stages, providing in-depth advice and submissions regarding the cross-admissibility of evidence, interim measures, and the implications of ongoing and past criminal proceedings. Representing the interests of individuals within NMC hearings, Philip has experience of representing individuals within complex criminal and disciplinary matters, which enables both continuity and advise throughout the entirety of the proceedings against his clients and to any tribunal.
Built Environment
Philip receives instructions in relation to professionals within the built environment including Chartered Architects, Surveyors, Engineers, and third party manufacturers. Providing comprehensive advice regarding the obligations and requirements of individuals within the built environment and the liability arising within the phases of construction. Philip has provided advice to companies and lay clients regarding complex legal issues of refurbishments and developments, as well as breaches of professional obligations.
Philip has been instructed to represent companies, and defendants including large scale disposal of waste, operating hours, chemical disposal, and company regulations. Philip has appeared both in the Magistrates’ and the Crown regarding complex matters involving Environmental regulations, appearing on behalf of both the prosecution and defence. Familiar with the regulations and provisions in relation to the functions of the Countryside Councils, the Forestry Commission, and the Environment Agency, having previously worked alongside Countryside and Land Agents, he has a unique insight into the practical implementation of legislation.
Undertaking advisory work on behalf of a local authority, Philip has previously advised on local government strategies, and the development of legislation in relation to Environmental Issues. These included development and compliance of green strategies including natural habitats for rare species, applications for rewilding on brownfield sites, and compliance with planning legislation.
Philip has represented the interests of clients on areas including planning enforcement notices, and post permission, POCA prosecutions, disposal of waste, local development order compliance, breaches of tree preservation orders, adherence to FSC and other Environmental legislation. Philip has provided advice regarding planning applications, and compliance with planning permission, as well as dispute resolution on matters relating to local developments.
Philip has been instructed on behalf of local authorities regarding advice on court summons, and obtaining possession orders on behalf of the landowners.
Philip has represented the interests of a companies in relation to their compliance with Building Standards and planning, third party contractual agreements, and insurers liability. In addition, Philip was previously instructed as assisting counsel to a core participant during the Grenfell Tower inquiry.
Philip has an in-depth understanding of the rules and regulations pertaining to the Built Environment. Philip has undertaken work relating to HMO’s, building regulation compliance, Community Infrastructure Levy.
Studying Architecture, and working within an Architectural Practice, he is one of the few Barristers who has developed a wealth of knowledge from first-hand experience within the construction industry. Familiar with complex drawings, regulations, Architectural practices, and working methodology, he has been instructed on complex cases involving private and public buildings within the UK. Furthermore, Philip has assisted and advised Landlords regarding ongoing Tenant disputes which encompass both criminal and civil areas alike.
Philip has regularly appeared on behalf of the defence and licensing authorities regarding breach of exemptions, permits, and licenses. He has also provided advice on both large, and small-scale businesses regarding licences of commercial premises, environmental licences, and matters relating to the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009.
Road Traffic Law
Philip developed his practice in London, becoming familiar with a wide range of offences from initial requests for information by the DVLA through to cases involving Death by Dangerous Driving. He has an in-depth understanding of the statutory framework, case law, and procedures involved, and has appeared on behalf of International Companies, and individuals alike.
Military Regulations And Court Martial
Previously being involved within the Military, Philip has developed a keen understanding of the rules and regulations surrounding the Armed forces and Military personnel. His experience through charity work and his own personal interest has developed an area of personal interest within his career. Philip has represented many serving, and retired military personnel across the services and takes instructions regarding regulatory, criminal, and family matters.
Appointed to List C of the List of Specialist Regulatory Advocates in Health and Safety and Environmental Law.
The Pegasus Award, The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple (2021)
BPTC Scholarship, The University of Law 2013
Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers (ARDL)
Health and Safety Lawyers Association
Royal Institute of British Architects
United Kingdom Environmental Law Association
LLB (Hons), College of Law, Birmingham
BPTC, College of Law, Birmingham
BA (Hons), Architecture, University of Sheffield

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