Paul Bleasdale KC

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Paul is a leading silk with over 30 years’ experience in both Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Litigation as junior counsel and in silk.
Described as ‘top drawer silk with a real desire to fight and win the difficult case’ Paul is regularly recognised for his ‘pragmatic advice and excellent client manner’. His cross examination and negotiating skills are described as ‘formidable’, his knowledge ‘encyclopaedic’ and he is a favourite of instructing solicitors due to his ‘genuine commitment to clients’.
Paul’s experience ranges across all specialist areas including brain and spinal injuries, negligent and delayed diagnosis, accidents at birth and surgical errors. For full details please view his specialist profiles.
Paul is willing to accept cases without a junior where appropriate.
“A very experienced silk who is knowledgeable in a wide range of matters. He is analytical and considered in his advice and excellent with medical experts. He gets to the crux of the issue quickly and tackles problems head on.” “He is very good at finding the key point of evidence.”
Chambers UK 2022 - Clinical Negligence
“Paul is particularly adept at getting right to the heart of the case, clients and opponents appreciate the directness of his approach.”
Legal 500 2022 - Clinical Negligence
“A very experienced silk who is very knowledgeable, analytical and considered in his advice. He is excellent with medical experts and tackles problems head-on.”
Chambers UK 2021 - Clinical Negligence
“Analytical and considered in his advice and excellent with medical experts at getting to the crux of the issue and tackling problems head-on.”
Legal 500 2022 - Clinical Negligence
“Extremely hardworking and dedicated.”
Legal 500 2019
“He gets to the heart of a case with ease and precision” “Paul has an impressive appetite for fighting difficult cases. He has an excellent client manner and negotiating skills combined with experience, knowledge and a pragmatic approach.” Recent work: Defended Myerscough College in a claim brought by a trainee arboriculturist who fell out of a tree he was climbing under supervision when he detached all his safety gear.
Chambers UK 2018
“The go-to silk on circuit for high-value personal injury cases.”
Legal 500 2017
Highly experienced in catastrophic injury and fatal accident claims. He also has expertise in industrial disease cases. “One of the best and most experienced serious injury silks in the Midlands. He doesn’t shy away from difficult cases. A powerful advocate in court.” “His wealth of experience, pragmatic advice and excellent client manner make him a go-to personal injury QC.”
Chambers UK 2017
“He has an ability and desire to fight the difficult cases, providing a clear and tactical approach.”
Legal 500 2016
Notable Cases
Capitalised value: 8 figures.
Catastrophic injuries suffered as a result of collision with a motor car while the Claimant was riding his bicycle. Life changing physical and cognitive injuries. Periodical payments for care. Claimant living with his family supported by a 24 hour 2:1 care package in new, purpose built house with hydrotherapy pool.
Capitalised value: 8 figures.
Claimant catastrophically injured as a result of electrocution and then falling from an electricity pylon that she had climbed having absconded from a secure psychiatric unit. Longstanding history of psychiatric illness. Permanent physical and cognitive injuries. Liability for hospital’s failure to keep Claimant safe admitted. Claimant living in a suitably adapted home of her own with 24 hour 2:1 care package. Periodical payments for care and case management.
Fulcher v Kings College Hospital and others
Negligent surgical treatment of patient with severe epilepsy, worsening her condition.
FRE v Imperial College Health Care Trust
Failure to act on fetal distress and proceed to caesarean section: cerebral palsy
KF v City Hospital Birmingham
Failure to diagnose and treat a twisted bowel post birth leading to small bowel, liver and pancreas transplants. Life limiting condition.
MP v University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust
Infant with respiratory distress. Failure at hospital to recognise severity of condition. Pharyngeal abscess leading to hypoxia and catastrophic injury.
W v University Hospital of Morecombe NHS Trust
Failure to seal a CSF leak during surgery to inner ear resulting in severe brain damage.
RB v Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Trust
Patient in psychiatric hospital secure ward. Risk of suicide. Failure to supervise. Patient left hospital and electrocuted on nearby electricity pylon. Catastrophic brain injury.
Jehan v Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust
Wrongful birth, failure to advise of high risk of severely disabled baby. Damages agreed: 2.745m
B v University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
Alleged negligent treatment of congenital condition resulting in quadriplegia (locked in syndrome).
MP v University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust
Alleged failure to diagnose pharyngeal abscess resulting in oxygen starvation, cardiac arrest and catastrophic injury.
B-HL v The Ministry for Health and Social Services
Jersey. Fetal hypoxia during delivery. Very severely disabled baby. Cerebral Palsy.
Anderson v Stewart
Alleged failure of GP’s practice nurse to refer claimant to doctor for diagnosis: meningitis.
B-M v Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
Claimant’s aorta severed during surgery to treat an ectopic pregnancy resulting in hypotension and severe brain damage. Lump sum 2m, periodical payments for care (index linked): 220,000, periodical payments for other recurring costs (index linked): 16,500
HAX v Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust
Neonatal test for congenital hypothyroidism wrongly reported. Baby severely disabled from birth. Lump sum: 1.5m, periodical payments for loss of earnings from 2018 to aged 65 (index linked): 13,000, periodical payments for care and case management from 2018 for life (index linked) 143,000.
Sawyer-Simmons v Northwest London Hospitals NHS Trust
Negligent renal treatment over a number of years leading to kidney transplant. Settled on lump sum basis with provisional damages to abide the chance of further transplants and the risk of a range of disabling and potentially fatal conditions arising from lifelong use of immunosuppressant drugs.
Uwigize v Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust
Negligent failure to diagnose platybasia, claimant quadriplegic.
Joplin v Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Trust (with Emma Brown)
Claimant with Parkinson’s Disease. Rendered tetraplegic as a result of delay in diagnosing spinal abscess after admission to hospital. Issues on causation of tetraplegia and long term prognosis in light of Parkinson’s.
Evans v West Midlands Strategic Health Authority and Walsall Manor Hospital and NHS Trust
Very young girl: failure to diagnose meningitis while in hospital and subsequent negligent surgery to excise dermal cyst. Brain damage: neuropathic bladder and bowels as well as hemiplegia. Issues on liability of community health physician failing to discover sinus at six week check up and thereafter diagnosis of meningitis after admission to hospital. Liability admitted for negligent surgery to deal with dermal cyst and eventually for failure to diagnose meningitis while an inpatient.
Part Time Judge of the First Tier Property Tribunal (Agricultural and Drainage)
Honorary Professor of Law: Birmingham University
Member of the Personal Injury Bar Association
LLB (Hons)