Neil Thompson

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Over 30 years’ experience in litigation. Instructed by leading national solicitors.
He has extensive trial and tactical experience and is a skilled negotiator. He has an established reputation for reliability, sound judgment and an approachable, user-friendly rapport with fee-earners and clients.
His recent serious injury caseload:
Fatal Accidents
- factory worker: fatal waterjet injuries
- factory worker: calcium hydroxide/slaked lime causing death
- FAA Dependency: high net worth businessman
- life changing chest injury pneumothorax; provisional damages major loss of employability
- fall from height: below knee amputation
- manual worker: life changing penetrating lower limb vascular injury
- machine operator: partial loss of hand
- ladder worker: major fall, life changing bi-lateral knee injuries
- multi-party litigation: major lower limb injury: below knee amputation; prosthetics
- LV electric shock causing major injury and disability
- Utilities worker: major head injury from falling tree
- Site worker: fall from height causing major head injuries
Indoor climbing centre wall: major lower limb injuries to senior employee from fall
Soldier: life changing lower-limb injury during Alpine exercises
Deep Vein Thrombosis following lower limb injury
Venus ulceration following lower limb injury
Industrial disease major injury cases:
- asbestosis: construction worker: causation/breach of duty/Helsinki criteria
- asbestosis: laggers and other trade exposures
- mesothelioma: steel industry
- mesothelioma: Dunlop factory
- mesothelioma: laggers and other trade exposures
- mesothelioma: FAA dependency and estate’s claims
- lung cancer following occupational exposure to asbestos: causation/breach of duty
- Occupational asthma: solder fumes/colophony/causation/smoking
- Occupational asthma: bleach/chlorine/solvent exposure
- Occupational asthma: isocynates
Many motorcycle fatal accident dependency claims, including motorist’s duty of care to secondary victim
Many serious lower limb, back and neck injury claims involving long term disability/loss of earnings
Fibromyalgia: proof; traumatic or non-traumatic; causation
His recent seminars:
- A Practical Approach to Breach of Duty and Causation in Venous Thromboembolism Claims
- Getting the Most from Expert Evidence
- Brexit: Brave New World
- Part 36 Offers – securing an advantage
- Public Liability: Developing Obligations
- Vicarious Liability- the Limits of Principle
- Low Symptom Asbestosis Litigation
- The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013: Civil liability for breach
- The Data Protection Act 1996 from the Litigation Lawyers Perspective
- Drafting Effective Witness Statements
Notable Cases
Mannion v. William Kenyon and Sons Ltd
Birmingham County Court 2009. Asbestosis. Provisional damages: application for further award, effect of co-morbid conditions on quantum/life expectancy
Crust v. Powell
Telford County Court 2010. Motorcycle fatal accident. Proof of dependency following divorce and reconciliation: 100,000.
Weekes v. Stearn
Motorcycle fatal accident and secondary victim claims: 250,000 Oxford County Court 2008
Robinson v. Jaguar Cars Ltd
Birmingham County Court 2008. Abuse of process: effect of settlement of Employment Tribunal claim on personal injury claim
Rogers v. Birmingham YMCA
2008. Birmingham County Court. Work stress / harassment. 29,000 (settlement)
Mercury v. A.C. Lloyd Builders
Nuneaton County Court 2006.325,000. Building site, back injury
Ferguson v. Railtrack
Chesterfield County Court 2005. 215,000. Motorcyclist. Severe closed head injury
Kelly v First PMT
2004 Stoke County Court - Bus operator liable to driver employee for failure to install assault safety screen
Coates v Jaguar Plc [2004] EWCA Civ 337
Turner v Moseley
2003 Birmingham District Registry 1.03 million - 16 year old severe head injury
Petts v Copeland
2003. Birmingham District Registry. 2.9million catastrophic injuries to 6 year old in RTA
Tall v Taylor
2001. RCJ. 1.2 million - severe closed head injury
Jones v Stones CA [1999] 1 WLR 1739
Bannister v SGB Plc CA [1998] 1 WLR 1123
Personal Injuries Bar Assocation
BA (Hons)

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