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Over 30 years experience in PI litigation and instructed by national personal injury litigation solicitors. His caseload centres on employers liability UK and overseas accidents, including claims for injuries of maximum severity/brain damage, industrial disease and fatal accidents. A significant part of his caseload covers industrial disease litigation.
He has extensive trial and tactical experience and is a skilled negotiator (mediation/joint settlement meetings). He has an established reputation for reliability, sound judgment and an approachable, user-friendly rapport with fee-earners and clients.
His recent personal injury case load:-
- Lower limb penetrating vascular injury
- Indoor climbing centre wall – major fall injuries to senior employee
- Utilities worker – major head injury from falling tree
- Machine operator - partial loss of hand
- Machine operator – major crush injuries to hand
- Ladder worker – major fall, life changing bi-lateral knee injuries
- Soldier - major injury during Alpine exercises
- Historic child sex abuse - liability of local authority
- Sexual harassment – workplace - liability of employer
- sexual abuse of minor by nursery worker
- Acoustic shock – telephony equipment
- Deep Vein Thrombosis following lower limb injury
- Venus ulceration following lower limb injury
- Serious assault on cash courier - work equipment failure
- Paramedic - medical equipment manual handling injury
- Teacher – serious workplace assault by pupil
- Construction site – multi-party split liability
- Construction site – tower scaffold fall
- Various motorcycle fatal accident dependency claims, including motorist’s duty of care to secondary victim
- Many serious lower limb, back and neck injury claims involving long term disability/loss of earnings
- Many serious upper and lower limb claims involving prosthetics/future provision/costings
- Fibromyalgia: proof; traumatic or non-traumatic; causation
- Liability of fairground ride operators
- Contract of employment or volunteer/extent of duty of care
- Many Fatal Accidents Act claims (including many motorcycle claims and workplace deaths)
- Factory worker: fatal waterjet injuries
- Factory worker: calcium hydroxide/slaked lime causing death
- FAA Dependency: high net worth businessman
- Secondary victim psychiatric injury
- Industrial injury where disability under Equality Act 2010 (7th Edition Ogden Tables) in issue
- Double amputee pedestrian bus running down
Recent Seminars
- Getting the Most from Expert Evidence
- A Practical Approach to Breach of Duty and Causation in Venous Thromboembolism Claims
- Brexit: Brave New World
- Part 36 Offers - Securing an advantage
- Public Liability: Developing Obligations
- The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013: Civil liability for breach
- Vicarious Liability- the Limits of Principle
- Low Symptom Asbestosis Litigation
- The Data Protection Act 1996 from the Litigation Lawyers Perspective
- A Practical Guide to Successful Travel Litigation
- Foreign Road Traffic Accidents: Jurisdiction, Procedure, Proper Law
- Drafting Effective Witness Statements
Notable Cases
Mannion v. William Kenyon and Sons Ltd
Birmingham County Court 2009. Asbestosis. Provisional damages: application for further award, effect of co-morbid conditions on quantum/life expectancy
Crust v. Powell
Telford County Court 2010. Motorcycle fatal accident. Proof of dependency following divorce and reconciliation: GBP 100,000.
Weekes v. Stearn
Motorcycle fatal accident and secondary victim claims: GBP 250,000 Oxford County Court 2008
Robinson v. Jaguar Cars Ltd
Birmingham County Court 2008. Abuse of process: effect of settlement of Employment Tribunal claim on personal injury claim
Rogers v. Birmingham YMCA
Birmingham County Court. Work stress / harassment. GBP 29,000 (settlement).
Mercury v. A.C. Lloyd Builders
Nuneaton County Court 2006. GBP 325,000. Building site, back injury.
Ferguson v. Railtrack.
Chesterfield County Court 2005. GBP 215,000. Motorcyclist. Severe closed head injury.
Kelly v First PMT
Stoke County Court - Bus operator liable to driver employee for failure to install assault safety screen.
Coates v Jaguar Plc
[2004] EWCA Civ 337.
Turner v Moseley
2003 Birmingham District Registry GBP 1.03 million - 16 year old severe head injury.
Petts v Copeland
2003. Birmingham District Registry. GBP 2.9million catastrophic injuries to 6 year old in RTA.
Tall v Taylor
2001. RCJ. GBP 1.2 million - severe closed head injury.
Jones v Stones CA
[1999] 1 WLR 1739
Bannister v SGB Plc CA
[1998] 1 WLR 1123
Personal Injuries Bar Association
BA (Hons)

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