Marc Wilkinson

Viewing: Commercial Litigation for Marc Wilkinson

Summary: Specialist practitioner in commercial law in a variety of areas, especially claims for breach of contract.
Subject areas:
The following are examples of recent subject areas in which Marc has acted:-
Disputes involving a range of different business agreements, especially claims for breach of warranty / misrepresentation. Examples include claims in relation to business sale agreements, business stocking agreements, franchise agreements and development management agreements;
Sale of goods and supply of services;
Contracts of hire and credit agreements;
Guarantees and other forms of security;
PPI claims;
Building disputes;
Shareholder disputes;
Title disputes, including the seizure of goods and interpleader claims;
Bank accounts;
Enforcement of judgments and orders;
Claims involving misrepresentation / mistake and the rescission of contracts;
Claims involving exclusion clauses, entire agreement clauses, non-reliance clauses and unfair contract terms;
Penalties and liquidated damages claims;
Partnership disputes;
Product recall / product liability;
Passing off;
Fraud, including fraud against employers / breach of fiduciary duties;
Claims for the recovery of professional fees, including solicitor’s fees and estate agents;
Claims relating to the construction of written agreements or instruments;
Specific performance and injunctions, including freezing orders.
Notable Cases
Severn Valley Motorsport v Bell [2018]
Sale of goods / supply of services claim relating to world-record breaking drag racing car.
Re Morgan [2018] CC
Building dispute/stage payment entitlements/”pay less” notices
PBS v Greyland Ltd [2017] CC
breach of contract/construction of contract terms
Re Boucher-Giles
Advice and drafting relating to joint property development contract.
Allseas v Tata
Advice in connection with 2m breach of contract claim (waste disposal agreement)
Azure v Manchester Airport Group [2017]
substantial expert determination claim relating to contract for the supply of heating and power plant
Re Blackburn
Advice and drafting relating to shares held on constructive trust
Re Boucher-Giles
Advice and drafting relating to joint property development contract.
Metsa Tissue Ltd v Shield Hygiene [2012] Ch D.
Sale of goods claim, with 12m counterclaim for duress, breach of confidence and abuse of market position.
H Ltd v Kendrick [2011] TCC
1m building dispute.
Grichan v Sage [2009] Ch D
160,000.00 claim on a personal guarantee.
Wolverhampton Grammar School
Selwyn College, Cambridge Ma (Hons)
Lincoln’s Inn (Major Award)
Accredited Mediator