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Mamta practices exclusively in the fields of personal injury and clinical negligence acting for both Claimants and Defendants. She is consistently recognised in the legal directories. The latest entry in Legal 500 2023 quotes, “Mamta is an excellent senior junior and one of the most thorough and reliable counsel. Her medical knowledge and attention to detail when questioning experts are impressive.” Chambers and Partners 2023 notes, “she is excellent with clients and hard-working. Mamta is very empathetic and understanding. She has a good eye for detail and really cares for what she does.”
Mamta is dedicated to working as part of the legal team alongside her instructing solicitors and delivering a first-class service whilst making a difference for her clients. Mamta is often instructed in the most delicate of cases given her sensitive and empathetic approach.
Mamta works mostly on catastrophic injury cases where permanent and life changing injuries have been suffered. Mamta regularly works on complex matters including those involving multiple Defendants and high value awards, both in her own right and when acting as junior with Leading Counsel.
“She is excellent with clients and really hard-working.” “Mamta is very empathetic and understanding. She has a good eye for detail and really cares for what she does.”
Chambers UK 2023
“Mamta is an excellent senior junior and one of the most thorough and reliable counsel. Her medical knowledge and attention to detail when questioning experts are impressive.”
Legal 500 2023 – Clinical Negligence
“Excellent with clients and very involved and passionate about the cases she takes on.”
Legal 500 2023 – Clinical Negligence
“Extremely forensic - goes into every detail with a fine-tooth comb.” “Excellent with clients and experts - puts clients at ease and talks to them in a way they can understand the complex points of their claim.” “Mamta is tenacious and straight talking.” “She is an asset in challenging cases.”
Legal 500 2022 – Clinical Negligence
“She is a delight to work with and pays incredible attention to detail - she will not let any stone go unturned.” “She is very organised, thorough, and has an excellent manner with clients. She responds in a timely manner and keeps to the deadlines she sets.”
Chambers UK 2022 – Clinical Negligence
“She is very bright, responds in a timely manner and is very good with clients." "An excellent and very conscientious junior.”
Chambers UK 2021 – Clinical Negligence
“A strong advocate who is very thorough and always goes the extra mile.”
Legal 500 2021 – Clinical Negligence
“She’s just remarkably thorough; she really does work exceptionally hard for clients and is helpful and responsive.”
Chambers UK 2020 – Clinical Negligence
“Hugely impressive in cross-examination of experts.”
Legal 500 2020 – Clinical Negligence
Re: JW
2023 – ongoing.
Representing the Claimant who suffered serious injury after the bus in which he was a passenger, collided with another vehicle killing the bus-driver. The Claimant was ejected from the window during the collision and suffered a laceration to the spleen and numerous fractures to his spine and ribs. Expert evidence being collated. Approaching the date for service of proceedings.
Re: WA:
2022 – ongoing. Anticipated value around £1m.
Representing the Claimant who suffered a crushing injury of her lower body during a road traffic collision in which she was a pedestrian. The Claimant suffered severe polytrauma including numerous fractures to her lower limbs. The Claimant will suffer permanent and severe disability for the rest of life. A claim will be made for likely, below the left knee amputation or for provisional damages of the same. Numerous experts instructed.
Re: HR:
2022 – matter settled for GBP 300,000.
Represented the Claimant who suffered severe polytrauma after being hit and dragged by a car. In particular, the Claimant suffered serious injuries to her chest including the development of pulmonary embolism and severe maxillofacial injuries. Matter settled after conferences and schedule served and inter-party negotiations
Re: EG:
2022 – settled at GBP 216.000
Employer’s liability case where the Claimant suffered severe open right forefoot trauma involving traumatic amputations of the toes and right forefoot, when lifting a load during the course of his work. The Claimant was left with permanent disability to his forefoot. Liability and quantum disputed, matter settled after schedule served and inter-party negotiations.
Re: Grenfell
2022 – ongoing
Mamta is instructed to be part of the legal team for one of the Defendants during the ADR process. Mamta has been involved with analysis of the public inquiry evidence, aspects of the claims’ valuations, attendance at meetings and strategy decisions.
Re: CW
2020 – ongoing – claimed at over £1m.
Representing the family of the Deceased young man who bled to death after a road traffic accident. Claim against the paramedics who attended the scene whilst the Deceased was stuck in his car and the hospital team who managed the care in the final minutes. Liability, causation and quantum in dispute. Did not settle at recent RTM; approaching trial.
2019- 2021 - settled at GBP 75,000.
Slip and trip case, employer’s liability causing orthopaedic injury. Predictions about future LoE [Ogden 7 approach]/provisional damages claim. Challenges with the expert evidence on future prognosis, matter settled after drafting advices and inter-party negotiations.
Re: YH
2019-2020 with leading Counsel
RTA brain injury case. Defendant alleged fundamental dishonesty due to social media footage and secret filming showing the Claimant engaging in paintballing. Claim value would have been in excess of GBP 2 million; claim discontinued.
Re: PP
2019 – 2021. Settled at GBP 175,000
Fatal case representing the widow of the Deceased who was hit whilst on his bicycle and died, liability admitted. Claimant and Deceased owned company which had gone under since the death; forensic accountant instructed to provide figures on business performance before and after death.. Defendant disputed loss of income dependency valuation approach; advised on the different approaches in the case law and matter settled shortly afterwards.
Re: elK
2020 – 2021 – settled at GBP 70K.
Claimant suffered orthopaedic, psychiatric and tinnitus as a result of a road traffic collision. A loss of earnings claim was made based on the losses flowing from the Claimant’s property business.
Re: CP
2020 – ongoing
RTA case, primary liability admitted, calculating quantum of prospective business projection that both Claimants owned; forensic accountant instructed, prospective value – over GBP 300K +
Re: JR
2020 - ongoing
RTA case. Quantum is in relation to future loss of earnings claim for police officer; promotion prospects; likely claim GBP 100- 200K
Re: ZK
2018 - ongoing - TBI claim - anticipated value GBP 2m+. With Leading Counsel.
Representing adult Claimant who suffered a subdural haematoma after fall in hospital and was not diagnosed nor treated until hours later. Liability admitted in Letter of Claim; the Claimant requires 24-hour care and treatment for the rest of life. Approaching RTM.
Re: ZC
2016- 2020
Fatal case with leading Counsel, settled at mediation with PPO, approximate value GBP 2-3m. Represented 9 Claimants in fatal oncology case against NHS Trust for failing to identify DCIS/pre-invasive cancer on a mammogram/MRI resulting in death, the Deceased, a young mother and wife with one child having autism spectrum disorder and needing 24 hour care for the rest of his life;.
Re: IB
2018– 2020 - adult brain injury case with leading Counsel, settled after mediation for GBP 2.6m
Represented Claimant who suffered permanent neurological injury [central pontine myelinolysis] after NHS Trust failure to act upon low sodium levels. Claimant required 24 hours lifelong care and new accommodation;
Re: EM
2020 – ongoing – Anticipated value - GBP 5m +
Representing infant in cerebral palsy case against an NHS Trust for obstetric and neonatal negligence; Liability, causation and quantum in issue;
Re: FR
2020 – ongoing, child brain injury case
Representing Claimant for neonatal negligence in failing to identify/treat excessive bilirubin levels, Claimant developed hearing difficulties and is not meeting all developmental milestones; Liability, causation and quantum in issue;
Re: LA
2018 – ongoing – mental health fatal case
Fatal CN case – representing the widow of the Deceased who committed suicide after receiving substandard care by the mental health services. Liability, causation and quantum in issue. Anticipated value - > GBP 1 million due to dependency claim by wife and two young children.
Lincolns Inn Lord Denning Scholar [Bar Vocational Course]
Lincolns Inn Lord Wolfson Scholar [Pupillage]
Inner Temple Pegasus Scholar [New Zealand]
Personal Injury Bar Association
Professional Negligence Bar Association
Trustee, the 999 Club (Voluntary)
BSc (Hons) Pharmacology 2(i)
Dip Law (Commendation)
Bar Vocational Course [Very Competent]
Dip International Relations [New York University]
Programme on Negotiation, [Harvard Law School]

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