Viewing: Mediation for Jonathan Derrington

Jonathan became an accredited mediator (with the London School of Mediation) in 2013, achieving the highest mark ever awarded in the written examination. Jonathan’s approach to mediation is informed not only by his 15 years of experience at the Bar but also by his commercial experience in publishing and music management prior to coming to the Bar. Whilst something of a sceptic prior to training as a mediator, which he undertook in light of the vision of the future of litigation portrayed by successive governments, he has become an enthusiastic proponent of this form of dispute resolution, the trial of which, he firmly believes, is frequently in the best interests of the client – if the mediation is handled with skill, tact and imagination.
Jonathan’s style of mediation is based upon the simple premise of putting all participants sufficiently at their ease, so that they may plainly express themselves to each other and to him, but whilst also being able to identify and being prepared to ask the challenging questions that are necessary to unlock the key issues in the dispute, enabling all participants clearly to appreciate what is important to them and what is important to those with whom they are attempting to resolve their dispute.
Jonathan accepts instructions as a mediator across a wide range of pratice areas, reflecting his membership of four practice groups in chambers (chancery and commercial, employment, personal injury and clinical negligence).