Joanne Rothwell

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Jo has considerable experience in applications using the business route, be that Investor, Entrepreneur and Tier 1 and Tier 2, either advising solicitors to make the applications and also by direct access.
As an Immigration Judge she is aware of how the Home Office and Entry Clearance Officer view these cases and the main reasons why such applications tend to be refused. She can assist to prevent refusal by paying very close attention to constantly changing complex and evolving immigration rules and guidance and making sure that all the documents are submitted with the applications.
Jo has insight and understanding of the issues facing high net worth individuals and their families who wish to enter the United Kingdom, including the current non-domicile taxation rules. She also has connections to and associations with financial institutions and wealth management companies both within the United Kingdom and off-shore.
- Entrepreneur - assisting with the ground for Administrative Review and advising upon the evidential flexibility policy
- Revocation of sponsorship licence for worldwide company with 30 UK based employees, some of whom are British and some with Visas. Jo assisted with a letter before action on Judicial Review and the Home Office caved in within 24 hours and stated that would review their decision.
- Application for an exceptional talent migrant which was successful.
“She is a leading light to all practitioners. Amazingly creative and articulate - a superwoman.”
Chambers UK 2019
“She really knows her stuff and argues in a really attractive way.” “Her individual strength is her deep and wide knowledge in various areas of law, and her experience of handing people of various levels.”
Chambers UK 2018
“Accessible and will undertake legally aided work for unaccompanied minors.”
Legal 500 2019
“Routinely acts for highly vulnerable clients, including minors and individuals with mental health issues. Her broad caseload regularly sees her acting in complex immigration, asylum and nationality matters.”
Chambers UK 2017
“Very friendly and cordial while staying highly professional.”
Legal 500 2016
“Sits as a Tribunal Judge and has a wealth of experience handling nationality, asylum and EU free movement matters. She has a particular interest in cases featuring mental health issues. She is phenomenally clever and wonderfully capable.” “Every time there is an element of complexity of law or sensitive issues, she is the one I go to without fail.”
Chambers UK 2016
Notable Cases
Chambers UK, 2016
SSHD v TB (Jamaica) [2008] All ER (D) 90 Aug
R (on the application of Tum and Dari) v SSHD (Case C-16/05) [2008] 1 CMLR 18 [2007], [2007] All ER (D) 115 (Sep) ECJ.
DK (Serbia) v SSHD [2006] All ER (D) 312 (Dec)
R (on the application of Tum and Dari) v SSHD [2004] 2 CMLR 1131
R (on the application of Tum and Dari) v SSHD [2004]1 CMLR 1091
R v SSHD ex parte Zeqiri [2002] UKHL 3
Zeqiri v SSHD [2001] 1 All ER (D) 120
R v SSHD ex parte Boybeyi [1997] INLR 130 CA
Joanne was appointed as a fee paid (part-time) Judge of the First Tier Tribunal - Immigration and Asylum Chambers in 2006 and the Social Entitlement Chamber in 2018.
LLB (Hons)
RGN (Registered General Nurse)
RMN (Registered Mental Nurse)

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