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Jo Sidhu is a leading silk with a formidable national reputation in serious cases including fraud, homicide, terrorism, drugs, armed robbery, extradition, and in cases involving human rights issues.
He is an elected Bencher of Lincoln’s Inn and President of the Society of Asian Lawyers (2013-2016).
Winner of the Asian Professional of the Year award (2016) and listed in GG2 Magazine as one of the top 101 most influential Asians in the UK.
Pre-Law Experience and Voluntary Work, Chair of School Governing Body ( 1997-2017). Elected Councillor in London Borough of Ealing (1994-1998). Member of Middlesex Area Probation Committee (1995-1998). Tutor in Economics (P/T) (1989-91). Senior Programme Researcher at the BBC (F/T) (1989). Policy and Research Officer with London Borough of Ealing (F/T) (1988). Caseworker with Southall Monitoring Project (P/T) (1986-1989). Jury foreman in two trials (1984).
Languages: Punjabi, Hindi (working knowledge)
Associated Work, Bencher at Lincoln’s Inn. President of the Society of Asian Lawyers 2013-2016. Former Vice-chair Equality and Diversity Committee of the Bar Council (member since 2003). Member of Equality and Inclusion Committee of Lincoln’s Inn. Qualified to undertake direct public access work. Lead advocacy trainer with Lincoln’s Inn. International Advocacy Trainer with the ICCA. Advocacy Trainer at SEC advanced international advocacy course (2019). Speaker at CBA conference (2019). Pupil supervisor. Bar Council delegate and speaker at American Bar Association conference. Regular broadcaster on TV and Radio on legal and political issues.
R v Sherry Naidoo (2020)
Alleged murder of male partner by battery (ongoing)
R v Marceli Szymanski (2020)
Alleged murder by battery involving five defendants (ongoing).
R v Levar Thomas (2020)
Alleged murder by stabbing involving four defendants (ongoing).
R v Kevin Eves (2019)
Murder of own baby daughter.
R v Alex Gunn (2019)
Murder and robbery of shop keeper in Pinner.
R v Warsame Mohammed (2019)
Alleged murder by stabbing in group attack on street (acquitted of murder).
R v Marcus West (2019)
Alleged murder by shooting and perverting the course of justice (acquitted).
R v Clever Makande (2019)
Alleged murder of a drug dealer (acquitted of murder).
R v Andrze Padewski (2019)
Alleged murder by battery in a house (acquitted).
R v John Nixon (2019)
Murder of a friend / neighbour after a domestic argument.
R v Aram Kurd (2018)
Five murders resulting from a deliberate fire and explosion in a Leicester shop.
R v Callum Smith (2018)
Murder by stabbing by teenage gang of a rival teenager in the street.
R v S.M. (2018)
Murder by stabbing by teenage gang of a rival teenage drug dealer in an alley.
R v Mohammed Khalid (2018)
Murder by stabbing after racist provocation.
R v Leon Acheampong (2018)
Alleged murder by punching in the street by a boxer (acquitted).
R v William Ransford (2018)
Alleged murder by stabbing by teenage gang of rival teenager (acquitted of murder).
R v Belkar Singh (2017)
Murder of restaurant owner by his employee.
R v Oluwadamilola Johnson (2017)
Murder by stabbing by teenager of a cannabis producer in his home.
R v Sabah Khan (2017)
Love triangle. Sister murdered her own sister following affair with brother in law (pleaded guilty).
R v Shiraz Bashir (2017)
Love triangle. Victim battered by five defendants and thrown to his death down a ravine.
R v Azad Singh (2017)
Husband stabbed wife to death after finding her in their bed with another man.
R v Anthony Goward (2016)
Bare knuckle fighter beat his partner’s lover after catching them in bed at home (acquitted).
R v Zatoon Bibi (2016)
Murder by strangulation of ex-lover. Body dumped in boot of car.
R v Sam Arnold (2016)
Alleged murder of drug dealer (acquitted).
R v AG (2016)
Alleged murder by beating in tube station by 17 year old (acquitted of murder).
R v Gibson Mazikana (2015)
Murder by stabbing of wife.
R v Vladlens Ignashko (2015)
Murder by beating following a drinking session.
R v Zaiem Zulqurnain (2015)
Alleged murder by stabbing in Nottingham city centre (acquitted).
R v Zoeb Majid (2015)
Alleged murder and street robbery of a woman (acquitted of murder in cut throat with 13 year old co-defendant who was convicted).
R v Darren Quainoo (2015)
Alleged gang related murder by stabbing (acquitted following half time submissions).
R v Bharat Soma (2014)
Attempted murders of ex fiancee and her new partner by throat slashing.
R v Gino Sawyers (2014)
Gang beating of 53 year old victim following argument in community centre (acquitted following half time submissions on murder and manslaughter).
R v Kristofer Guler (2014)
Murder by stabbing in a public street
R v TW (2014)
Allegation of attempted murder in series of contract killing hits.
R v Rubel Miah (2014)
Murder and attempted murder by stabbing and machete attack.
R v Mark Hannell (2013)
Alleged murder following an attack by a gang (secured discontinuance of murder charge).
R v Mizanur Rahman
Inviting support for ISIS (co-defendant was Anjem Choudary).
R v Runa Khan
Disseminating terrorist publications via Facebook to encourage jihad in Syria. (Pleaded guilty).
R v Usman Saddique and ors
‘Airline Liquid Bomb’ plot to explode seven airplanes over the Atlantic in August 2006. (Acquitted) VHCC
R v Abdul Jalil and ors
‘Dirty bomb’ manufacture alleged to be used for mass terrorist killing. (Pleaded guilty) VHCC
R v Mouloud Bouhram and ors
Chemical weapons Ricin manufacture alleged to be preparation for mass terrorist killing. (Acquitted) VHCC
R v Hai Ban Tran and 23 Ors
Conspiracy to produce cannabis. VHCC (largest ever)
R v Troy Alleyne and ors
Conspiracy to supply crack cocaine valued at over 50 million: dubbed the ‘bling bling gang’ .
R v R.W.
Importation of 3 tonnes of cannabis valued at over 10 million.
R v Henry Mumford and ors
Conspiracy to produce largest ever quantity of amphetamine sulphate valued at 6 million.
R v Jason Smith
Conspiracy to supply heroin valued at over 1 million.
R v Desmond Black and ors
Conspiracy to supply heroin and firearms (Operation Trident).
R v Soloman Beyene
Conspiracy to rob Graff jewellers. 40 million worth of jewels stolen.
R v Lynnden Willoughby and ors
Conspiracy to steal computer equipment valued at over 25 million.
R v Abdul Awada
Conspiracy to handle mobile phones valued at over 1 million.
R v Michael Walker and ors
Armed robbery by gang who murdered victim in course of one robbery.
R v David Samuel and ors
Conspiracy to rob in a string of Securicor van hold ups.
R v Giwo Faith Bala-Tonglele
4 million immigration conspiracy
R v Shravan Lattupally
Lead defendant of seven in a 2 million immigration conspiracy.
R v Joseph Mc Cann (2019)
Convicted of multiple rapes and sexual assaults in a spree of attacks across the country.
R v John Wilson
Pentecostalist preacher prosecuted for 31 sexual offences against female members of his Church.
R v M.Z
Alleged sexual offences against children.
Robert Ulaszonek v Polish Judicial Authority [2018] EWHC 2618 Admin Case No. CO/827/2018 Piotr Peryt v Polish Judicial Authority [2018]
Pawel Litwinuik v Polish Judicial Authority [2018]
Recommended as a leading silk in crime in Chambers UK and in Legal 500.
“His practice ranges from appeals through complex terror cases to sensitive sexual abuse trials.”
Legal 500 2017
“Admired for his performance and conduct at court. Very proactive and diligent. Steps up to the plate”
Chambers and Partners UK
“Superlative: he punches way above his weight” and is “Recommended for his experience in defending murders”
Legal 500
BA (Hons) PPE - University of Oxford
MSc Politics of the World Economy - L.S.E.
CPE - The College of Law
BVC - Inns of Court School of Law
Cases that Changed our Lives
Author of chapter on Legal Insanity. Foreword by Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, Master of the Rolls. Butterworths
Twenty Eight Days
What’s the Verdict CLJW, Vol 174, p103
The Criminal Case of Usman Saddique The Guardian
The Special Relationship CBQ. Issue 1, p6
March 2007

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