Viewing: Crime for Jasvir Singh Mann

Jasvir known by all who know him as Jas has been in the law since 1987. He qualified as a Solicitor in 1990 and in 2001 he transferred to the Bar.
He has specialized in criminal defence work for the last 25 years plus. He has a very varied and diverse practice.
Jas is regularly instructed to defend in the most serious cases in the Crown Court involving violence, drugs, fraud and sexual offences. He has defended cases as a junior alone, as a leading junior and been lead by Queens Counsel. Some recent and notable cases are are listed below to illustrate the varied and diverse nature of Jas’s practice. Fuller details of cases in which Jas has appeared for the defence can be provided on request.
Jas has also defended in numerous cases of serious road traffic offences involving cases of aggravated vehicle taking with serious injuries, dangerous driving causing serious injury and causing death by dangerous driving.
Jas has also appeared in the Court of Appeal many times in particular in appeals against sentence. Jas is prepared to advise on appeal against conviction and sentence in cases where he did not represent the defendant in the lower court. Jas has successfully advised in cases where original counsel had advised that there was no prospect of a successful appeal.
Jas continues to be instructed on occasions to represent defendants in the Magistrates Court when the consequences of conviction for the defendant are particularly grave. An example in recent times was defending a man in a trial before the Magistrates court charged with an assault on his wife where a conviction would have led to his potential removal from the UK. The man was found not guilty after trial. Another recent case was a businessman who was involved in a road traffic accident in which a woman was injured and he had allegedly failed to stop and report the accident.
Jas in recent years has defended in long and complex cases in the Crown Court lasting 3 months plus in cases of sexual abuse, fraud, supply of illegal drugs and others serious offences. Some of the cases are referred to below.
Jas has defended many cases where prosecution witnesses have given evidence with the assistance of an intermediary.
Notable Cases
R v DE (Manchester Crown Court)
Jas defended a man charged with possession of a firearm with his DNA on the trigger. The man was alleged to be a gang member and involved in gang activity. The defendant was acquitted.
R v ZZ (Chester Crown Court)
Jas represented a man charged with causing serious injury by dangerous driving. The defendant in the process of overtaking a lorry drove into an oncoming motorcycle being ridden by an off duty police officer. The police officer received such serious injuries that his future as a police officer was uncertain and certainly would never again work as a motorcyclist police officer. He was sentenced to immediate custody by the crown court. Jas appeared in the Court of Appeal and was able to persuade the court to suspend the sentence imposed by the crown court leading to the defendant’s immediate release. This was an exceptional outcome as at that time there were no reported cases where the Court of Appeal had allowed such an appeal.
R v MR (Stafford Crown Court)
Jas defended a man charged with conspiracy to supply class A drugs as part of a county lines operation in a trial lasting 6 weeks.
R v RW (Birmingham Crown Court)
Jas led by Queens Counsel represented a man charged with the murder of an infant child by “shaking”. The man was acquitted of murder after a trial but convicted of manslaughter.
R v TC (Wolverhampton Crown Court)
Jas defended a man charged with section 18 grievous bodily harm jointly with 2 other defendants. Jas argued that there had been an irregularity in the way that the identification procedures had been carried out by the police and made an application to have the identification evidence ruled inadmissible. This application was successful and resulted in the prosecution being compelled to offer no evidence against the defendant he represented. The case proceeded against the remaining 2 defendants.
R v KW (Wolverhampton Crown Court)
Jas defended a man charged with offences in respect of an ex-partner. Jas made a successful application for abuse of process to stay the indictment against the defendant at the end of the prosecution case based on the fact that prosecution had lost some extremely important cctv footage which the defence had served on the prosecution and a copy of which the defence solicitors had not kept. The judge granted the application and stopped the case against the defendant.
R v NH (Wolverhampton Crown Court)
Jas defended the manager of a betting shop who was charged with conspiracy to steal. The prosecution case was that the defendant had arranged for his own betting shop to be robbed. He was acquitted by the jury.
R v WP (Wolverhampton Crown Court)
Jas defended a man who was charged with the attempted murder of his partner by stabbing, suffocation and by pushing her off a bannister.
R v Glan (Birmingham Crown Court)
Jas lead by Queens Counsel represented a man charged with one count of murder, 2 counts of attempted murder and one count of section 18 GBH. This was a complex case as the defendant suffered from serious mental ill-health. The prosecution dropped the allegations of murder and attempted murder. The defendant pleaded guilty to manslaughter and other lesser offences and was made the subject of a Hospital Order.
R v IP (Warwick Crown Court)
Jas was instructed to defend a man who was one of 12 defendants involved in an alleged paedophile ring. Defendant was acquitted of the most serious allegations against him after a trial lasting over 3 months.
R v RW (Wolverhampton Crown Court)
Jas defended a man charged with rape and other sexual offences along with 7 other defendants. In particular the defendant represented by Jas also faced separate allegations by a girl who was aged 13 years old at trial but who intellectually functioned as a 5 year old.
R v Marijeni and others
Jas defended 1 of 14 defendants charged with conspiracy to defraud by making false maternity allowance applications in a trial lasting over 3 months.
R v SR (Warwick Crown Court)
Jas represented a man at trial charged with perverting the course of public justice connected to the manslaughter of an elderly man.
Jas has along with Queens Counsel represented a large number of defendants over the years who have been accused of the murder of one or more persons. Details of these cases can be provided on request
LLB (Hons) (Manch)