James Montgomery

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Civil Litigation
Wide experience of representing plaintiffs and defendants before the courts of New York State and the United States, in commercial, tort and employment actions.
Defended all types of criminal cases: murder, rape, robbery, drugs, financial crimes and weapons. Have good working knowledge of forfeiture procedures, where applicable.
Notable Cases
M.C. Tribeca, LLC v. ZHU et al., 651205/12, Sup. Ct., NY County
Alleged theft of trade secrets.
Big Kang Realty v. Shi, 702420/15, Sup. Ct., Queens County
Contract action arising from housing development project.
In the Matter of Joseph Brancato, 28408/01, Sup. Ct., Queens County
Guardianship proceeding.
Mehta v. C and M, etc., 12-cv-1875, SDNY
Contract dispute involving executive employee’s compensation.
New Metals v. Ideal Steel Supply etc., 600168/08, Sup. Ct., NY County
Contract dispute (sale of goods).
Lattanzi v. P.M. Food Int., etc. 604159/06, Sup. Ct., NY County
Breach of contract and trademark infringement action.
Dr. R. v. Dr. G, 2014, arbitration proceeding, NYC
Arbitration before the AAA involving the dissolution of a medical practice.
Gulseven v. West Brands Fashion, 657087/17, Sup. Ct., NY County
Contract claim for agent’s compensation.
N. American Fur v. Teso, 2002, arbitration proceeding, NYC
Arbitration before the AAA arising from contract dispute.
Shanghai Weiyi v. Eaglemen Corp., 15-cv-03533, SDNY
Contract dispute (sale of goods).
1620 Corp v. Davis Hamilton, etc., 601987/07, Sup. Ct., NY County
Action against accounting firm.
49 E. Houston Street. Corp. v. 49 E. Houston LLC, et al. 650511/14, Supt. Ct., NY County
Contract dispute arising from housing development project.
Tse, et al. v. Golden Bridge LLC, 07-cv-8098, SDNY
Contract and Fair Labor Standards Act claim for employee compensation by multiple plaintiffs.
James Melcher v. Apollo Medical Fund Management and anor., 604047/03, Sup. Ct., NY County
Contract action between hedge fund partners.
People v. Powell, 2005, Sup. Ct., Bronx County
Murder, shooting.
People v. Tse, 2016, Sup. Ct., Queens County
Murder, blunt trauma.
People v. Ahmad, 2006, Sup. Ct., Bronx County
Medicaid fraud in the millions.
People v. Bethea, 2014, Sup. Ct., NY County
People v. Banks, 2009, Sup. Ct., NY County
Drugs supply conspiracy, attempted murder and weapons’ possession.
People v. Terry, 2016, Sup. Ct., NY County
Conspiracy to murder.
People v. T, 2017, Sup. Ct., NY County
Organizing the sexual display of a child.
People v. H, 2003, Sup. Ct., NY County
Rape of a child.
Crowther Shield, Lincoln’s Inn, 1987
New York City Bar Association
New York State Bar, 3rd Department, admitted 1999
French and some Spanish