Ian Brownhill

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Ian started his career as a legal intern in Jackson, Mississippi at the Office of Capital Defense Counsel [sic.]. Since that time, Ian has advised and acted in a number of cases which involve the application and interpretation of international human rights instruments and treaties.
Ian maintains close links to the death penalty defence community and until recently was Chair of the Executive Committee at Amicus ALJ. Ian is happy to assist any local lawyer in any jurisdiction with capital cases and will take cases to the Privy Council.
Ian has recently been advising lawyers in other jurisdictions about the concept of prison law. Ian advises and acts in international prison transfer cases.
In addition, Ian has growing experience of both European and International extradition cases both at first instance and in the appellate Courts.
‘The Vintskevich Extradition’
Counsel for Vintskevich. The first extradition to Russia of its kind. Ian constructed a strong article 3 case for the requested person which was ultimately withdrawn on Vintskevich’s instruction. Instructed by Neumans LLP
Kaszowski v Poland [2012] EWHC 2871 (Admin);
Extradition; Fugitive offenders; Instructed by JD Spicer
Grozvos v Latvia [2012] EWHC 161 (Admin);
European arrest warrants; Medical evidence; Tuberculosis. Instructed by Whitelock and Storr
Goatley v Netherlands [2012] EWHC 315 (Admin);
European arrest warrants; Fugitives. Instructed by Whitelock and Storr
Fulgham v The State of Mississippi 2009-CA-00971-SCT:
Assisted Attorneys, Jim Craig and Gregg Mayer in formulating successful argument that an aspect of Mississippi prison law was unconstitutionally vague and void for that reason. Working with Phelps Dunbar LLP
Prisoners’ Legal Rights Group
Amicus ALJ
Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers
International Lawyers Network (Avocats Sans Frontieres)
BA Hons (Oxon), Jurisprudence, Lincoln College, Oxford.
BVC College of Law
Hardwicke Entrance Scholarship, Lincoln’s Inn
Tancred Student, Lincoln’s Inn

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