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Ian is the Deputy Head of the Public Law Group at No5 and is Her Majesty’s Assistant Coroner for Kent.
Ian has a mixed inquest practice, primarily acting for the families of the deceased or for private companies and charities who have been recognised as an interested party. The vast majority of Ian’s inquests as counsel involve deaths: (i) where there are questions as to a person's mental health or capacity; (ii) in custody; (iii) which are related to education or social care settings.
Ian’s advisory practice in respect of coronial law is varied and has included: (i) civil claims against coroners; (ii) Attorney-General’s fiat; (iii) judicial reviews of coroners; (iv) advice as to issues of mental capacity arising in the inquest context. Ian has been instructed to advise inquest participants as well as coroners.
In addition to his inquest practice, Ian is instructed to advise on other safeguarding review processes. In particular, Ian has advised Safeguarding Adult Boards and Domestic Homicide Review panels.
Ian accepts inquest instructions across the country but does not act in his coronial jurisdiction in Kent.
Reported Cases
Notable Cases
Deaths involving mental capacity issues
Inquest touching upon the death of GS
Article 2 inquest, acting for the family of the deceased, which included complex issues as to capacity to make decisions as to hospital discharge and conveyance to hospital. Inquest concluded with findings of failings by public bodies and PFDs made. Instructed by Bindmans LLP.
Inquest touching upon the death of Molly Frank
Jury inquest, acting for the deceased’s employer. Instructed by Anthony Collins LLP.
Deaths in custody
Inquest touching upon the death of Solomon Bygrave
Article 2 jury inquest, acting for the family of the deceased. The jury concluded that the failure to complete checks on Mr Bygrave contributed to his death and that staff were not adequately briefed about the risk of Mr Bygrave self-harming, which the jury also concluded contributed to Mr Bygrave’s death, together with a failure to complete properly an ACCT document. Instructed by Kesar & Co.
Inquest touching upon the death of Edward Ham
Acting for the family of deceased. Instructed by Anthony Collins LLP.
Deaths involving education and healthcare settings
Inquest touching upon the death of Tyrese Glasgow
Other high profile inquests
Inquest touching upon the death of Phil Townshend
Instructed for the family on a direct access basis.
Her Majesty’s Assistant Coroner for Kent
Equality and Human Rights Commission’s panel of counsel
Pupil Supervisor
INQUEST lawyers’ group
Prisoners’ Legal Rights Group
Amicus ALJ
Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers
International Lawyers Network (Avocats Sans Frontieres)
BA Hons (Oxon), Jurisprudence, Lincoln College, Oxford.
BVC College of Law
Hardwicke Entrance Scholarship, Lincoln’s Inn
Tancred Student, Lincoln’s Inn
Shelford Scholarship, Lincoln’s Inn

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