Emma Edhem

Viewing: Criminal Fraud and Proceeds of Crime for Emma Edhem

Serious and complex criminal defence work including fraud, money laundering, confiscation orders, murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, rape and large drug consignments.
Emma is Regularly called upon by both the Embassy and Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to advise on matters of legal sensitivity.
President of the Turkish British Legal Society (2003 – to date), Chairman of Turkish British Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TBCCI) (2013), Board of Directors of the Turkish British Journalists Association (2009 – to date), On the Bar Council’s Committee for Equality and Diversity, On the committee of the Law Society’s BME Forum, On the committee of the joint Bar Council and Law Society’s Minority Lawyers Conference, On the committee of the External Implementation Group to the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority, Student Scholarship panel of the Inner Temple,
Appointed to introduce Judge Chen Bing of the Hainan Province, to aspects of British Human Rights over a period of 3 months by the British Council, Presented a variety of talks on British Policing, Human Rights and Fraud, at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, to Senior Judges and Prosecutors from China and the U.S., Presented talks at Cambridge University, under the auspices of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, to Senior Prosecutors from China on the British Court System and structure, Speaker at the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. Co-speakers included the British Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey, State Minister to the Republic of Turkey, Chief Commercial Counsellor of the Turkish Embassy UK, Director of 2012 Think London, high ranking delegate of Beko, Speaker at American Business (formerly the American British Chamber of Commerce), Speaker on a panel with the Ambassador to Kosovo and Lord Sheikh on matters arising out the legal structure of Kosovo,
Chaired numerous seminars and discussions for the Turkish British Legal Society at the House of Lords. Speakers and presenters have included Professor Haluk Kabaaligolu Dean of the Yeditepe University in Turkey, Tony McNulty MP and former Minister for Immigration, Ministry of Justice, Presented careers and motivational talks at the London School of Economics (London University). Co-speakers included Lehman Brothers, Assistant Professor of Accounting at the London Business School, Director of International Government and Corporate Affairs at BG Group Energy Holdings, Shell Oil, Appeared live on Turkish London Radio dealing with current matters of legal interest raised by the public, Advised on the production set of Judge John Deed, whilst filming in progress, Pupil Supervisor, Former legal column writer at the Turkish newspaper Haber, Working Group on policy making to the Solicitors Regulation Authority.
First Degree in Psychology BSc(Hons), subsidiary subject Mathematics. Final year logical applications of the systems in Multivariate Statistics and laboratory-based empirical thesis investigating “Complex impact of circadian rhythms on the autonomic nervous system and their effects on persuasion” (London University, Goldsmith’s College)
English, Turkish
Notable Cases
Gur v Avrupa Newspaper Ltd and another
EWCA Civ 594, [2008] WL 2148224
R v Cakir
All ER (D) 129 May, material non disclosure
R v Barbara Salisbury
LTL 25/10/2004 AC0100240 (first instance), disclosure, witness training
R v Wilson
EWCA Crim 780, misdirection
R (Wandsworth London Borough Council) v South Western Magistrates Court
EWHC 1158 (Admin), Interpretation of Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 s20(2)(J).
R v John McKenzie
EWCA Crim 274, Judicial discretion, defective directions, similar fact evidence, witness screens, cross-examination by trial Judge.
R v Hobson
All ER (D) 409 (May), Confiscation
Attorney General’s Reference No. 84 of 2000 (Ollrick Mark Francis)
[2001] 2 Cr App R (S) 336 [2001] EWCA Crim 166, Thomas on Sentencing Vol III, paragraph B11-23E12, leniency of sentence at lower court.
R v Marcia Wright
26th July, 1999
EWCA Crim 2091, sentence, Judge’s bias, single mother with young children.
R v Lewes Crown Court Ex P Driscoll CO 2008 97
custody time limits.
R v Esmene (Norwich Crown Court)
20 million fraud involving Embassies and Politicians of two powerful Countries,
LeFranq (Leeds Crown Court)
Fraud involving the high profile famous chef and sommelier Denis LeFranq,
R v Arwo (Birmingham Crown Court)
Major charities fraud involving 8 defendants and churches,
R v Jay Patel and others (Southwark Crown Court)
Pre-trial advise. High profile in financial sector news. Pre-charge advice to Vice President of Structural Finance in large scale ($1 billion) metal trading fraud instrumental in the collapse of multi billion dollar empire, RGB Resources (formerly known as Allied Deals). Involves transactions in Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, UAE and India. Co-accused Viren Rastogi. (frequently profiled in Britain’s “Asian Rich List”).
R v Welcher and others (Reading Crown Court)
Multi-handed, large scale serious and complex fraud against Mars the Confectioners
R v Burke (Reading Crown Court)
Former solicitor and Customs Officer, money laundering. Issues on domestic and off-shore company formation, ghost directors, Irish Legal standpoint on beneficial interest of property, effects of an un-discharged bankrupt on his dependents, and confiscation.
R v Singh and others (Snaresbrook Crown Court)
News of the World expose by well known journalist Mahzur Mahmood (of the Beckham children kidnap fame) on a series of sham marriages involving, amongst others, the services of a “bent priest”. Features “Off The Peg” documentary alleging to previously expose Mr Singh’s activities in the early 1990’s,
R v Ringland (Inner London Crown Court)
High profile nationally. Hi-tech Crime Unit investigation into computer manipulation and sexual blackmail of young women in the UK and overseas. Dubbed the ‘internet rapist’ by the tabloid press. Cutting edge technical expertise used in the computer analysis. Case described by the investigation team in press briefings as the most sophisticated use of computers by a criminal that they had ever experienced,
R v Mukhtar (Woodgreen Crown Court)
Complex and sophisticated conspiracy to defraud the Royal Bank of Scotland. The Defendant was the “insider” in the bank and high ranking member of the conspiracy,
R v Nagulapalli (Preston Crown Court)
High profile mortgage fraud by Police Officer who made history as the landmark 8,000th recruit to join Greater Manchester Police,
R v Castrillo (Old Bailey)
Murder. High profile. School boy lured into one of the biggest and most prolific Chinese Mafia Triad gangs, SW. Issues centred on brain injury and causation. The pioneering techniques of the UK’s leading Neuro-pathologist challenged in cross examination. The evidence was of the most complex and challenging nature. Neuropathology expert for the Defence described the evidence as of such complexity that very few Neuro-pathologists were capable of response,
R v Farooq (Snaresbrook Crown Court)
The high profile case of alleged rape by the chauffeur. The alleged victim was the sister of a major Hollywood actor and a supporting Hollywood actress herself,
R v Nedd and Others (Blackfriars Crown Court)
Press coverage. Abuse of patients, by their carers, in a mental health care home,
R v Zotiades (Old Bailey)
The high profile case of the 13 year old boy who stole a Jeep, drove dangerously, and crushed a 19 month old toddler. The deceased was out in the pram after picking his sibling up from school with his mother,
R v Bert (Woolwich Crown Court)
Gang of three youths rob family in their home whilst holding the six year old daughter at gun point,
R v Telles (Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court)
The Holloway Tube Station stabbing case. Evening Standard News. The defendant suffered some minor bruising. The alleged victim’s abdomen was slashed in a ‘Z’ exposing his organs. The defence was self defence,
R v Sister Barbara Salisbury (Court of Appeal Criminal Division and Chester Crown Court)
High profile, nationally and internationally, headline Press and TV news. The case of attempted murder of elderly patients by way of injecting Diamorphine and laying vulnerable patient’s flat so as to hasten death and free up hospital beds,
R v Sadowski (Old Bailey)
Headline Press and TV news. The case of the sting operation by the FBI and British police involving an attempted incitement of undercover British police officers to procure a 10 year old girl for sexual intercourse,
Chairman of Turkish British Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TBCCI)
Criminal Bar Association
South Eastern Circuit
First Degree in Psychology BSc (Hons)
CPE conversion to Law Degree (City University)
Bar Vocational Course (ICSL)
Mediation accredited by London School of Mediation

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