Eamonn Hurley-Flynn

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Having undertaken a secondment in the costs team of a national firm of personal injury / clinical negligence solicitors, Eamonn has a keen interest in costs work. Eamonn undertakes all aspects of the costs budgeting and assessment process including CCMCs, interim applications, detailed assessments and reviews of provisional assessment.
Recent cases have included:
Review of a provisional assessment concerning the recoverability of inquest costs,
Review of a provisional assessment of the recoverability and amount of ATE premium,
CCMCs in high value Clinical Negligence, Dental Negligence and Personal Injury Claims,
Drafting Replies to Points of Dispute on Bills in excess of 250,000.
Eamonn also has experience of a range of other costs issues such as ‘Portal’ costs, QOCS and Bullock / Sanderson orders. Recently this has included submissions on the applicability of QOCS upon strike out and the enforceability of a costs order made in favour of a successful Defendant where the Claimant has succeeded against another Defendant.
Eamonn takes pride in his assiduous approach to costs matters and his ability to take judges through both the broader costs principles and the practical process of line by line assessment.
Certificate of Honour, Middle Temple
Baron Dr Ver Heyden de Lancey Prize, Middle Temple
Diplock Scholar, Middle Temple (BPTC)
Cohen Scholar, BPP Law School, Leeds (BPTC)
Harmsworth Scholar, Middle Temple (GDL)
Cohen Scholar, BPP Law School, Manchester (GDL)
Personal Injury Bar Association
Middle Temple
BPTC “Outstanding”, BPP Law School Leeds
GDL “Distinction”, BPP Law School Leeds
BA (Hons) History, University College London

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