David Mason QC

Viewing: Misconduct and Compliance for David Mason QC

David has enormous experience representing police officers before various Tribunals. His experience includes many discipline Tribunals at first instance, Appeals to Chief Constable and Appeals to Police Appeal Tribunals.
His experience in this area has led to him developing expertise in Use of Force, Drink Driving and other police training and techniques.
In addition to Discipline Tribunals, he also has a wealth of experience in representing police officers in the Crown and Magistrates Courts
His work in this area has taken him all over the country. He has appeared in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, London, Cheshire, Staffordshire and mostly in the West Midlands.
Notable Cases
Lancashire Police v Scott McDonough and James Gerrie
November 2013
This was a 3 week Police Gross Misconduct Hearing concerning allegations that the Lancashire Police Special Operations Unit were buying and selling vehicles improperly within the Unit.
R v Lewis and others.
Leading defence counsel. First on an Indictment of 10 officers. Leicester Crown Court. Death in Police custody case.
PC Holloway
Staffordshire police. Perverting the Course of Justice. Both Crown Court and Police Discipline.
PC Woods
West Midlands Police. Violence towards members of the public. Led for the defence of 5 officers. 5 day hearing. Successful half time submission.
PC Smith
West Midlands. Sexual Harrassment.
R v Deano Walker
Stafford Crown Court. Police Dog Handler, charged with Dangerous Driving and Assault.
PC Leitch
Staffordshire Police. Theft of DVD’s

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