Viewing: Surgical for Charlotte Robinson-Jones

Charlotte has experience of cases involving a range of surgical errors, causing additional symptoms and scarring.
Charlotte’s recent cases include:
- A patient who had a wire left inside his penis that emerged several days post-surgery and left a number of complications, both physical and psychological.
- A patient who suffered burns during breast augmentation surgery.
- A claim involving a patient whose surgery for balanitis was incomplete leaving residual disease.
- A patient who underwent a facelift operation, but was left was unsatisfactory results, including noticeable stepping and scarring at the side of the face, a loss of sensation near the mouth, and facial drooping combined with an alteration in speech.
- A child who underwent surgery with inadequate anaesthetic so that while they felt no pain, they were able to hear and recognise the voices of those treating them during the procedure.
- A patient who suffered from contracture of their fingers and who underwent corrective surgery. It was contended that the surgery was too extensive and that the way in which it was performed, along with inadequate follow up, resulted in the development of an infection. A finger was ultimately lost.

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A BBC report has warned the NHS faces paying out £4.3billion in legal fees to settle outstanding claims of clinical negligence, but a barrister from No5 Barristers’ Chambers, says that costs can be saved whilst maintaining proper compensation for those who suffer from medical accidents....

Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2020