Viewing: Medical for Charlotte Robinson-Jones

Charlotte has been involved in cases covering a range of medical issues, including failures by GPs, NHS trusts and private medical professionals. These have involved patients who both have full capacity and those who have lacked capacity either due to mental or physical impairment, or as a result of being under 18 years of age.
Charlotte’s recent cases include:
- A claim where a number of GPs had failed to investigate and treat the Claimant’s hypertension over a 10 year period, ultimately resulting in kidney failure and a reduced life expectancy. This claim had the added complexity of having to consider extensive GP attendances about the issue in question during the period.
- A fatal accident claim where the Claimant had presented at hospital with a perforated ulcer that went undiagnosed and passed away after being discharged back to his home.
- A claim featuring a patient who was presenting symptoms of meningitis, but whose admission to hospital was delayed due to the actions of paramedical staff. The patient died later that day after being admitted to hospital.
- A claim arising from an attendance at A and E due to a finger laceration where it was alleged inadequate examination of the digit took place and damage to a tendon was not diagnosed.
- A Claimant who attended their GP complaining of symptoms of an eye infection and who was not appropriately referred for suitable further examination and advice, resulting in a loss of sight due to the presence of a corneal ulcer.
- Multiple cases where Claimants were inappropriately assessed for their risk of falls and who subsequently suffered hip fractures.
- A failure to diagnose a hip fracture in a patient with dementia whose ability to communicate was significantly impaired.
- Multiple cases where a patient had suffered a fracture of their scaphoid that was not identified at hospital. While in some cases this can be treated successfully, late treatment can result in necrosis of the bone and significant long-term problems.
- A failure by a GP to identify that a patient’s infection was more than ‘flu and represented a chest infection that resulted in the patient being admitted to hospital several days later.
- A claim involving a patient who presented at hospital with an enduring erection, but who was not examined and whose erection continued untreated for some days. When treatment eventually took place a surgical option was required leaving long term symptoms.
- A patient who was prescribed Warfarin when it was contraindicated by their previous medical history and who suffered a gastrointestinal bleed.

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