Charles Crow

Viewing: Alternative Dispute Resolution for Charles Crow

Charles is authorised to accept instructions on a direct access basis
"Charles is an excellent barrister. He is technically brilliant and able to position arguments for clients in a way they can understand. Charles demonstrates an impressive intellectual grasp of the legal issues, command of the factual detail and strong practical advocacy skills. He is extremely thorough and very good both on paper and on his feet"
Chambers UK 2023
"Charles has strong technical skills, particularly in relation to disability discrimination. He also has an excellent forensic dissection of the issues."
Legal 500 2023
"Charles is very experienced. He sees the wood from the trees in terms of legal issues and subsequently makes succinct and persuasive submissions. He is a robust advocate who takes a pragmatic approach to complex issues." "I consider him to be an excellent advocate who gets on well with clients and is always very thorough and insightful." "He's a very authoritative and decisive barrister who breeds confidence quickly in clients who instruct him. He's very intelligent, academic and able to explain complex concepts in a straightforward fashion."
Chambers UK 2022 - Employment (Midlands)
"Charles approaches matters carefully and confidently leaving no stone unturned without being too aggressive."
Legal 500 2022 - Employment (Midlands)
“One of his strengths is the ability to quickly assimilate a large amount of information and then use it to his advantage in cross-examination. He can then succinctly express the key points to the judge.” “He is a very intelligent opponent and he really fights his client's corner." “A bit of a brainiac, and very calm under pressure.”
Chambers UK 2021 Employment (Midlands)
“Sharp and pragmatic, works well with clients and quickly gets to grips with the key issues in a case.”
Legal 500 2021 - Employment (Midlands)
“A technically brilliant and powerful advocate who is thorough, persuasive and able to get to the crux of complex matters quickly and with ease.” “He stands out for his tenacity and commitment to getting the best result.”
Chambers UK 2020 - Employment (Midlands)
“He has an extremely effective style in tribunal which leads to early results.”
Legal 500 2020 - Employment (Midlands)
Accredited Mediator (Civil and Commercial)

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Proportionality has been the watchword in costs for such a length of time that one might have...

Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2019
In the recent case of Awan v. ICTS UK Ltd [2018] 11WLUK 385 (Simler J, President) the EAT confirmed and strengthened previous decisions (Aspden v. Webbs Poultry [1996] IRLR 251, Briscoe v. Lubrizol Ltd [2002] IRLR 607, amongst others) to the effect that a term will be implied into contracts of employment that "once the employee has become entitled to payment of disability income due under the long-term disability plan, the employer will not dismiss him on the grounds of his continuing incapacity to work”.  But is this apparently Claimant-friendly decision potentially a two-edged sword?...

Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2018