Viewing: Regulatory for Anthony Bell

Anthony is a recent addition to the Regulatory Group, though his Criminal practice has frequently involved cases of a regulatory nature. He has also been instructed in Police Discipline cases.
He is familiar with the forfeiture, confiscation and civil recovery provisions of POCA.
He acts as a Junior and as a Leading Junior. He lives in London and works mainly in London and the Midlands.
He is also a member of the Criminal Group.
Anthony is married with three children but still finds the time occasionally to watch Portsmouth FC.
Some regulatory or quasi-regulatory cases in which Anthony has appeared in the recent past have included:
Notable Cases
Collins (2005 Liverpool Crown Court)
Red diesel fraud
Fitzpatrick and ots (2005 Lincoln Crown Court)
Long firm fraud involving the obtaining of large quantities of cut flowers through florists shops
Armstrong (2005-2006 Manchester Crown Court)
Time-share fraud
Sharma (2006 Wolverhampton Crown Court)
Operators licence case, prosecuted by VOSA
Doherty (2006 Warwick Crown Court)
Roofing fraud – prosecuted by Trading Standards
Bhutani (2007 Coventry Crown Court)
Providing legal advice and representation in immigration proceedings when not qualified
Sagoo and ots (2007 – 2011 Birmingham Crown Court)
Long-firm fraud and consequential appeal and confiscation proceedings
Murphy (2008 Birmingham Crown Court)
DBERR prosecution for Company insolvency offences
Sidhu (2009 Southwark Crown Court)
Perverting the course of justice / perjury – the Defendant was an interpreter and translator who had lied on oath about his dealings with a crooked local councillor
Hinder (2010 Birmingham Crown Court)
DBIS prosecution for obtaining credit while an undischarged bankrupt
Emiliou (2010 Birmingham Crown Court)
Prosecution brought by HMRC under the Working Tax Credits Act
Jackson (2010 Southwark Crown Court)
Prosecution by HSE after a worker drowned in River Thames. Case stopped at half-time, and prosecution appeal against ruling not proceeded with
Gallier (2010 Birmingham Crown Court)
DBIS prosecution for transferring assets whilst a bankrupt and failing to account to trustee in bankruptcy for loss of property
Evans and ots (2010 Bristol Crown Court)
Large scale defrauding of householders by pretending that building / repair works were necessary and / or had been carried out.
R (2010-11 Birmingham Crown Court)
Car clamper prosecuted by Birmingham TSD for conspiracy to defraud
H and ots (2011 Birmingham Crown Court)
Laundering the proceeds of a very large construction industry tax fraud
BA (Hons)
2 Cr.App.R 484 (VAT Act 1983 section 39(3) / drafting of Indictment)
Sookoo The Times
April 10, 2002
Perverting the course of justice
Bianco 1 Archbold News 2
Duress – withdrawing defence from Jury
Eubank 1 Cr.App.R.(S) 4
Need for separate count alleging possession of firearm in Robbery Indictment when in issue
Sagoo 2 W.L.R. 233
Confiscation – delay, apportionment