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Andrew Baker was called in 1990. He has since developed a strong nationwide criminal defence practice in five main areas:
Allegations of rape and child abuse
Homicide and serious offences of violence
Major drugs offences involving confiscation under the Proceeds of Crime Act
Regulatory Offences under the Medicines Act and farming and veterinary legislation
He has a reputation as a strong advocate and formidable cross-examiner in difficult and complex cases
Mr Baker also has appeared on many occasions in the Court of Appeal: Criminal Division in relation to historic allegations of sexual abuse and drugs cases.
Before being called to the Bar he qualified as a pharmacist. As a result he often defends in complex prosecutions under the Medicines Act and advises on the legality of importation and distribution of pharmaceutical and veterinary products.
He also has a strong interest in any cases involving animals or farming.
Recent cases in the Crown Court include:
R v B (Stafford Crown Court) – murder,
R v B and B (Stoke Crown Court) – eight week historic child abuse,
R v B (Bristol Crown Court) – historic rape and child abuse resulting in stay of proceedings after two trials,
DEFRA v C (Croydon Crown Court) – the largest importation of illicit veterinary products,
R v H (Birmingham Crown Court) – leading junior in conspiracy to murder by serving police officer,
HMRC v B – HM Customs prosecution of fake vodka production - subject of a Radio 4 documentary,
R v M (Winchester Crown Court) – murder,
R v R (Stafford Crown Court) – large bank fraud,
R v P (Lincoln Crown Court) – rape,
R v W (Winchester Crown Court) – murder,
Notable Cases
R -v- D (Stoke)
Defendant acquitted following a 3 day trial
R -v- L (Stoke)
Defendant charged with possessing and producing indecent images
R -v- Kidner (Stafford)
Multi handed trial involving 11k of counterfeit currency
R -v- Aziz (Stoke)
Gang related wounding and possessing of firearm trial. Represented one of 5 defendants. Jury were discharged after 4 days and a 9 day retrial followed
R -v- M (Stoke)
Trial and sunsequent retrial, defendant charged with sexual acts with a child
R -v- H (Stafford)
3 day Rape trial
R -v- B and B (Stoke)
One of two defendants charged with Child neglect and historical abuse. Jury discharged 6 days into a trial and the retrial was listed almost 2 years later when the defendants were acquitted on submission 3 weeks into the trial
R -v- G (Stoke)
4 day Rape trial
R -v- P ( Stafford)
Defendant acquitted of historical rape after 4 day trial
R -v- McInnes (Stafford)
Defendant charged with serious assault, Prosecution offered no evidence after 5 days
R -v- Boyd ( Stafford)
Multi handed murder trial of a drug dealer. Jury discharged over issues of fitness to plead, subsequent 5 week retrial involved many expert witnesses
R -v- Hawthorne (Stafford)
Defendant charged as part of a gang charged with S18 wounding where complainant had jaw broken. 9 day trial
R -v- Smith (Bournemouth)
6 day trial, defendant charged with wounding with intent
R -v- Columbo (Wolverhampton)
Defendant charged with a domestic murder
R -v- M (Birmingham)
6 day sexual assault with a child trial
R -v- D (Snaresbrook)
Defendant charged with 2 sexual assaults which had to be tried separately
R -v- D (Cambridge)
9 day Rape Trial
R -v- Connolly (Croydon)
Defendant charged as part of a 6m fraud involving the supply of prescription veterinary medicines
R -v- McAteer (Durham)
Defendant charged with trades description offences involving horse passports
BSc, Dip Law (City), MRPharmS

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