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Alison Harvey has a particular specialism in public law work relating to human rights, access to justice, and public law matters pertaining to the treatment of persons under immigration control, or British citizens returning to the UK.
Her practice ranges from community care through unlawful detention and age disputes to regulatory regimes connected with immigration status and entitlements. Her public law practice also spans work in the court of protection. Her experience of work on the “hostile environment” means that she is well-placed to deal with the full range of public law cases, whether immigration-related or not, in the areas it touches.
She represents clients in the high court and in the tribunals, particularly in the Upper Tribunal. A substantial part of her practice is advisory, providing opinions and advice on complex points of law. She accepts public access work in appropriate cases.
She trains, lectures and writes widely and has worked extensively on the development of law and policy in the UK, including on legislation as it passes through parliament. Recent training credits include “Unlawful detention” and ‘Trafficking: identifying and assisting victims’ for Free Movement. She acts as a peer reviewer for the journal “Public Law”. She represented the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association on the Administrative Justice Forum and contributed to the work of the UK Administrative Justice Institute.
Her work on access to justice includes work to challenge the provision of legal aid to persons under immigration control.
She divides her time between London and the West Country.
Fluent in French
“As a trainer and writer, she is a leader in her field… Her forensic attention to detail has also proved invaluable in the ongoing wrangles over the detail of legal aid policy and regulations.”
Steve Hynes, Legal Action Group
“If you want to look up how the Immigration Act 2016 works in practice, A Guide to the Immigration Act 2016 by Alison Harvey and Zoe Harper is the definitive guide to the legislation.”
Colin Yeo, review on
Notable Cases
BP v Surrey County Council and RP [2020] EWCOP 17
BP v Surrey County Council and RP (No2) [2020] EWCOP 22
The first cases to come before the Court of Protection on deprivation of liberty as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Consideration of interference with rights under Articles 5 and 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights and of derogation under Article 15 of the European Convention on Human Rights” it is clumsily repetitious. Equality and human rights’ implications of remote assessments of capacity considered as well as importance of facilitating both visits and return home.
Bar Council representative to Home Office Simplification of the [Immigration] Rules Review Committee
Advisor to the Joint Committee on Human Rights in the UK parliament for its enquiry into immigration detention, specialising in the detention of the Windrush generation.
Lexis PSL Consulting Editorial Board
Editorial board of the Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law
Chair of Trustees, Kalayaan (working with migrant domestic workers)
Member of the Bar Council reference group on immigration detention.
Member of the Expert Advisory Panel of the Strategic Legal Fund for Vulnerable Young Migrants
Inner Temple Major Scholarship
Administrative Law Bar Association
Anti-trafficking Legal Project
Housing and Immigration Group
Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association
Joint Hons French and Philosophy (Oxon)
MA Human Rights and Civil Liberties Law
Diploma in Law.
Legal analysis of incorporating into UK law the birthright commitment under the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement 1998, Northern Irish Human Rights Commission and Irish Human Rights and Equalities Commission, March 2020
A Guide to the Immigration Act 2016, Alison Harvey and Zoe Harper, Bloomsbury Professional, 24 March 2017
“Omnibus liberis hominibus”: The Rights of Refugees, Migrants and Exiles’, in E. Gibson-Morgan and A Chommeloux (Eds) The Rights and Aspirations of the Magna Carta (Springer, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016)
‘Immigration detention in the UK: recent developments’ (2016) Vol. 30, No.3 IANL 222-251
Contributor to Ian Macdonald QC and Ronan Toal (Eds), Immigration Law and Practice, (Ninth edition) (Butterworths Lexis Nexis, 2015)
Use it lose it: legal aid for immigration cases, Legal Action, June 2015
‘Recent Developments on Deprivation of Nationality on Grounds of National Security and Terrorism Resulting in Statelessness’, [2014] Vol. 28, No. 4 IANL, 336-354
Resources Guide for Legal Practitioners Working with Refugee Children (Third Edition), (ILPA 2012)
Contributor to L. Fransman, British Nationality Law (Third Edition), (Bloomsbury Professional 2011)
Ian Macdonald QC, Laurie Fransman QC, Adrian Berry, Alison Harvey, Hina Majid, and Ronan Toal Blackstone’1s Guide to the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009 (OUP 2009)
The Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009 [2010] Vol. 24, No. 2, IANL, 113-132
‘The draft (Partial) Immigration and Citizenship Bill and related documents (Legislative Comment)’ [2008] Vol. 22, No. 4 IANL, 322-332
‘Human trafficking - the road to ratification of the Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Beings in the UK’ [2008] Vol. 22, No.3 IANL 218-235
‘Expulsion and exclusion’ [2007] Vol 22 No. 3 IANL, 208-222
Contributor to M. Symes and D. Jones (Eds.), Immigration Accreditation Manual (first and second editions), (HJT Training, 2005 and 2006)
Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants Etc.) Act 2004, (Butterworth’s Lexis Nexis, 2004)
Contributor to Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002, Current Law Series) (Sweet and Maxwell, 2003)
Nationality Immigration and Asylum Act 2002, (Butterworth’s Tolley 2003)
‘The 1999 Immigration and Asylum Act and how to challenge it: a legal view’ in S. Cohen, B. Humphries and E. Mynott (Eds.), From Immigration controls to Welfare controls, State of Welfare Series) (Routledge 2001)
Contributing editor to Butterworth’s Immigration Law Handbook (Butterworth’s Tolley, 2001)
Contributing editor Butterworth’s Immigration Law Service, (99-2001; 2003-2006)
Reviewing the Asylum Determination procedure: a casework study (Refugee Legal Centre, 1998)
‘The risks of getting it wrong’ in F. Nicholson and P. Twomey (Eds) Current Issues in UK Asylum Law and Policy, (Ashgate, 1998)

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