Alexander Mellis

Viewing: Industrial Disease for Alexander Mellis

Alexander is looking to develop his practice in this area of work.
In a past case of particular note, Alexander successfully secured a net settlement of 25,000 in a complex case involving the development of carpal tunnel syndrome following prolonged exposure to vibration tools where both liability and causation were in dispute. Alexander not only settled the pleadings, but also drafted Part 35 Questions to the Defendant’s medical expert and conducted a conference with lay witnesses and the Claimant’s medical expert. Crucially Alexander advised at very short notice on what approach the Claimant should take to a series of issues being raised by the Defendant before trial, following which the Defendant ultimately accepted the Claimant’s offer of settlement.
Alexander also has specific experience of costs and case management hearings in industrial disease cases. This is in addition to his more general experience in personal injury cases which ensures he has the transferrable skills to develop a practice in this specialist area.
Harmsworth Scholar, Middle Temple
BPTC ‘Very Competent’, Kaplan Law School
LLB(Hons) First Class, University Of Durham

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