Adrian Keeling QC

Viewing: Inquests, Public Inquiries and Coronial Law for Adrian Keeling QC

Adrian has been instructed in many high profile and contentious inquests. They have included cases that were delicate by their very nature or allegation, or complex in their detail. They have often lasted several weeks and involved the most sensitive of issues and information.
He has particular expertise in Inquests where Article 2 is engaged, and also where the proceedings are before a jury. He brings to these proceedings his vast experience as a silk in the Regulatory field and Crown Court, as well as a thorough background in health and safety and personal injury work. To this he adds the skills of a polished advocate who has been in silk since 2011.
Adrian has the background and legal expertise of a civil lawyer. He practised in personal injury, medical negligence and commercial law for many years whilst at the junior bar.
Adrian has great experience of Inquests where the allegation is one of a systemic failure under Article 2. These have involved the assimilation of the entire context of the death in its particular factual matrix.
He is also has regularly instructed where the issue is one of an operational failing. He is “first choice” counsel for the Police Federation for work of this nature. He is also instructed by other professionals, including the medical profession, and increasingly by the family of the deceased.
He takes pride in his relations with his clients and his ability to build and lead a team.
Adrian undertakes direct access work.
“Listed as the only regional Tier 1 silk for Inquests. Also listed as a Tier 1 silk in Regulatory and Health and Safety and also Crime.” “Noted for his expertise in Article 2 inquests.”
Legal 500 2019
Listed as one of only 2 regional Band 1 silks for Professional Discipline work with specific reference to his Inquest work.
Chambers UK 2018
“He has a nice, easy-going style but is robust in court and gets very good results.” “He is reassuring to clients, charming and persuasive, and has a superb tactical approach.”
Chambers UK 2017
Listed as a leading silk for Inquests “He provides sound advice that can change a strategy for the better”
Legal 500 2017
“He takes proper points, is good on the law, and has a lovely touch with the courts. He’s a terrific advocate”
Chambers UK 2016
Notable Cases
Greenfield and Others
Represented a serving police officer alleged to have committed perjury at an Inquest into the death in custody of Kinglsey Burrell. This case attracted a very large amount of media attention. The officer was cleared both at a Crown Court trial and in subsequent disciplinary proceedings.
Inquest David McTaggart (Sandwell)
Represented a firearms officer where criticism was made of a failure to provide prompt medical treatment at the point of arrest which led to death.
Inquest Lynda Warren (Derby)
Represented the family in an inquest enquiring into the shorting comings of her medical care. Miss Warren and her family sought repeated medical assistance over the course of a week; from her GP, Accident and Emergency, the 101 phone line. All failed to asses her properly and recognise her ischemic bowel diseases which killed her.
Andrei Pavlov
Advised Mr Pavlov who was the alleged assassin by poisoning of the high profile death of Russian businessman Alexander Perepilichnyy with the poison from a rare Oriental orchid. The allegation was on of assassination on behalf of the Russian state.
Inquest Ballantyne (Leicester)
Represented PC Ballantyne a response officer in a liveried police car when he was involved in a head on collision with the deceased in a van. The officer sustained head injury which meant he has no recollection of events.
Inquest Lyons (Stoke on Trent)
A 6 week inquest concerning a death in custody with 9 legally represented interested parties. The complex issues included; the deployment of firearms officers to effect an arrest, the decision to arrest rather than section under the Mental Health Act, the decision to take the deceased into custody not hospital, the care of the deceased in custody, the decision not to take the deceased into hospital. Added to all this was the uncertainty of pathology in the medical cause of death, and if he would still have died had he been in hospital.
Inquest Shawn Browne (Birmingham)
Represented officers alleged by the family to have murdered Mr Browne. Successful application for anonymity. Subsequent successful defence of Judicial Review of the favourable jury finding.
Re W (Birmingham Coroners Court)
Represented several offices charged with the death in custody of a mentally ill man arrested but taken into custody and not referred to hospital.
Inquest of Lloyd Butler (Birmingham Coroners Court)
An inquest into a death in custody. This addressed sensitive issues of Police Policy, allegations of individual misfeasance, and also complicated issues of medical causation in cardiac arrest.
Inquest of Warren Broadhurst (Derby Coroners Court)
Adrian represented a doctor in an inquest arising out of the suicide of a patient detained under the Mental Health Act. It had been contended that the medical decision not to detain the deceased was at fault. Issues of the governing policy as well as the decision making of the doctor were central to its resolution.
Inquest of PC X (South Yorkshire Coroners Court)
Represented a serving police officer who had acted as a “whistle blower” into the work practices that surrounded the suicide of a fellow officer. The sensitivities were profound.
Inquest of Jason Pearce (Shropshire Coroners Court)
Inquest arising out of a death in custody linked to drug induced excited delirium. It involved an in depth consideration of drug toxicity and causation.
Inquest of Cheryl Flanagan – (Worcester Coroners Court)
Represented a police officer investigated for the murder of his partner by allegedly leaving her unconscious on a tram line where she was run over.
Inquest of Alan Long (Stockport Coroners Court)
Represented several Greater Manchester Police officers involved in the fatal pursuit of a motor bike in a five-week inquest. It involved a thorough analysis and criticism of the national vehicle pursuit policy.
Inquest of Ian Terry (Manchester Coroners Court)
Represented several specialist Greater Manchester police firearms training officers in this incident that received a lot of national press coverage. It was a 6 week inquest into the fatal shooting of a colleague in a training exercise. It ranged over the most sensitive of firearms and counter terrorism material against a background of particular emotional sensitivity.
Deputy Head of Chambers
Master of the Bench of the Inner Temple
Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers
Criminal Bar Association
MA (Hons) in Law – Trinity Hall, Cambridge.