Inquiry Training - Preparing for an Inquiry and Giving Evidence at an Inquiry

Tue, 02 Mar 2010

By Satnam Chongh
Preparing for an Inquiry:
What is the purpose of preparing evidence for an inquiry? It can only be to persuade the reader of the merits of the case found within it. How do we persuade the reader? By presenting the requisite information, subjecting it to proper analysis, followed by sound and logical conclusions. So a proof is (or should be) a persuasive, informative, analytical and logical document. 
Giving Evidence at an Inquiry:
Preliminary and practical matters; Procedure; Your role as a Witness; The Role of the Barrister; The Purpose of Evidence in Chief; The Objectives of Cross-Examination; Preparing for Cross Examination; The Inspectors Role during Cross Examination; Answering the Question during Cross Examination: Re-examination - the greatest fear! 
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