Planning Podcast - Episode 3 - Covid-consequences: Little Ships

Wed, 22 Apr 2020

Richard Kimblin QC and Christian Hawley

This week we start to look at covid consequences. Not what is happening now, or for the end of this lockdown period which extends to the VE Day celebrations. With Christian Hawley, planning and environmental counsel at No5 Barristers' Chambers, episode 3 of the Planning Podcast looks at: recession, small builders, small housing sites, policy changes post the 2008 liquidity crisis and the 2010-12 series of dips in growth; affordable housing and levers to spur economic activity, shore up housing numbers and meet delivery tests. We look at the policy levers pulled in the past, how they work today and prompt a debate about the role of small sites and encouraging them to deliver to aid growth, and maintain delivery.

Christian Hawley refers to two EiPs (Reading at [§45] and Oxford City Council) and an appeal decision (Sywell Road, Overstone; see §22-24).


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