Planning Podcast 16 - Affordability Crisis - Building Does Not Help?

Tue, 01 Dec 2020


You might think it is obvious – you increase housing land supply, you improve affordability. That is a premise of much forward planning and of Planning for the Future. Is that correct and straightforward, or not? Here, in a detailed examination of the issues, in a deliberately ‘long-listen’ we are joined by Dr Nikodem Szumilo, Associate Professor at the Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management at UCL, and by Richard Blyth, Chief Policy Officer at the RTPI. Together with Satnam Choongh, planning and environmental barrister at No5 Chambers, Richard Kimblin QC introduces us to the detail and develops the issues. And you would like to read further then go to:

Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space 51, Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space no. 1 (2019): 25-50. Bernard Fingleton, Franz Fuerst, Nikodem Szumilo

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