Ramya Nagesh tackles a practical guide to insane and non-insane automatism in criminal law – sleepwalking, blackouts, hypoglycaemia, and other issues in new book

Thu, 25 Nov 2021

No5’s Ramya Nagesh has published her new book titled: “A Practical Guide to Insane and Non-Insane Automatism in Criminal Law – Sleepwalking, Blackouts, Hypoglycaemia, and Other Issues”.

This book is aimed at even the most experienced practitioners who can be faced with a case that catches them off guard. They may be well-versed to deal with cases involving self-defence, factual denial or identification issues. What about when the accused claims they were sleepwalking, in a hypoglycaemic state or suffering an epileptic seizure?

On the launch of her new book, Ramya says: “There is a distinct lack of information out there - so I wrote a book on it. It's a topic which I've been passionate about for years. I have written and spoken about it, and now am extremely pleased to have published a practical guide to it.”

This book provides answers to those questions and many more that arise from the complex but ever-interesting subject of insane and non-insane automatism. It deals with those cases that rest in the grey areas of the law; those where the person accepts carrying out the action but claims that they were not able to control their actions. The courts have dealt with cases differently, sometimes resulting in controversial and apparently illogical decisions. This book provides a comprehensive and clear explanation of what the law is, why it is that way and how the cases fit together. All in all, it is a must-have for any person working in the criminal justice system today, and indeed any person who has ever wondered what on earth ‘automatism’ really is.

This book is available from Law Brief Publishing.


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