Omar Ensaff successfully defends man despite evidence from former Mayor

Wed, 02 Feb 2011

A BUSINESS deal gone wrong resulted a former mayor of Cheltenham giving evidence in court against his own brother.
Family relations soured after the deal and ex-councillor Bill Bullingham testified against his sibling Chris yesterday.
The case could have seen Chris subjected to bankruptcy proceedings.
But despite Bill's evidence, a judge backed Chris and prevented an insolvency hearing.
The case involved a dispute about payments to Prestbury resident Chris of £45,000 made as part of a property investment between 2004 and 2008.
Town alderman Bill, who was mayor from 1990 to 1991, was a witness for his business partner, David Billing.
Chris made a legal challenge to an order for him to repay the cash, which was an advance for the property deal.
The three men had been partners in a business venture known as Twyning Developments and had agreed to split the profits.
Chris Bullingham had taken his share before the end of the venture, but the court was shown documents that proved no money had been made.
And in 2007 he signed a document to say he would repay the cash to the business.
But in a letter, Mr Billing had said it was time to "bury the company" before HM Revenue and Customs began to ask questions and Chris Bullingham said he was told he would never have to repay the money because the document was a tidying-up issue.
After the sum was not repaid, Mr Billing issued a statutory demand as a precursor to having Chris Bullingham declared bankrupt, which was challenged at Gloucester County Court yesterday.

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